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Sporting victories and achievements are hardly possible without steady progress. That was exactly the challenge our mobile app development team met while creating a Biathlon Training app — monitoring the performance of biathletes during their trainings with the aim to streamline an overall training process.

Initially designed for biathlon, the app is equally beneficial for other individual sports, such as gymnastics or figure skating, where accumulating the score statistics will lead to improving training effectiveness.

As winter sports imply certain issues on using the mobile phones and filling in the information required, both coaches and athletes should have an opportunity to spend a minimum time for the app and add the info manually in one or two clicks.


The major requirement — to contribute to entering the data quickly and fast — determined the focus of the development. Our team concentrated on the user interface to avoid a waste of time.

Data serialization allows storing the statistics for the unlimited period of time.


Biathlon Training includes several screens with the statistics, the history of trainings by day, month, or year, which is possible to track in the calendar, and the main screen to enter the scores.

The app’s users can see and analyze the data presented in the form of different charts. Whether it’s a coach who conducts personal trainings or a sportsman willing to fix the shooting results, it’s enough to install the app and create a personal profile of a person whose achievements should be monitored.

Next, the statistics is updated manually and stored as long as the user needs.

Key Features

  • Biathlon Training provides viewing the scores in a convenient way.
  • The app stores the training history, and users can specify the time period for displaying the statistics.
  • In case it’s a coach who uses the Biathlon Training app for conducting individual trainings, he/she can create several profiles in order to gather statistics on different sportsmen.
  • The Biathlon Training native mobile app uses a simple formula for scoring.
  • Information can be displayed in different ways, for example, by histograms or graphs, depending on the user’s preferences.




Biathlon Training is a statistics tracking and accumulating training tool for coaches and athletes to enhance the efficiency of training process.
Our Biathlon Training app can transform into Swimming or Athletics Training, for instance, after slight design and business logic changes. Anyway, its objectives will remain the same and cover tracking the score statistics and assisting in effective training programs.

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