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Our customer has engaged SCAND in the development of an SDK based on artificial intelligence. In terms of the software development kit, the data about the users’ activities goes to a neural network. The latter analyzes the info for self-learning and its further usage in the AI applications, like personal organizers or trip planners.

To ensure the SDK will be sought-after, the quality of learning turns out to be the main objective. For that aim, the customer has asked SCAND to create a data analytics tool capable of accumulating the info about user’s pastime, trips, driving speed, or even mood changes. Provided maximum information is gathered, the SDK-based solutions will easily plan the day or journey, select the proper music for active trainings or relaxation, impact wellbeing, and lift the spirits.

So, we have taken on the task of creating a tool to analyze what occurs to the users.


The core is data capture from different sensors, considering an abundance of them in any device. To ensure getting the info from sensors, access system functions, and check browsing history or take pictures with the device cameras, our mobile development team utilized iOS SDK and Android SDK.


Before providing the artificial neural network with the source for self-exploration, the app is installed on mobile devices with the prior consent of their users. While they are busy working, go shopping, or spend their time at home, User Activity Analytics Tool monitors their behavior and takes photos of them once in a while to track mood swings if any. The app runs in the background, aggregates the info based on a sample of 400-500 people, and sends it to server for the follow-up training.

Key Features

User Activity Analytics Tool satisfies a major requirement – collecting all data from a user’s device. Channels used for getting a proper informational image involve:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Browser history
  • Gyroscopes
  • GPS
  • Mobile apps — either currently installed or already deleted
  • Contact lists
  • Front and back cameras
  • Volume control
  • Managing notifications
  • Alarms, etc.




User Activity Analytics Tool is designed to collect all sorts of information about the users. SDKs driven by AI utilize the tool to teach neural networks and could be used for creating a wide range of AI apps, from smart radios to virtual assistants.

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