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The customer wanted to develop an application solution to perform time and tracking management in various business spheres: field service, sailing, enterprise, cleaning service, retail, education, etc. A mobile solution was required to be adaptable, customizable, and complex for performing the assemblage of several applications out of it.


  • NFC tags reading
  • Communication
  • GPS support
  • Online and offline data processing


To meet the customer’s expectations, the following functionality had to be implemented:


  • Data processing and syncing
  • Data security and storage facility
  • Reports generation in PDF and HTML formats using different templates
  • Communication and notification features
  • Embedded images editor


  • Adaptable and customizable workflow and business logic
  • Embedded mechanisms of reading NFC tags, Barcodes, and QR codes
  • UI creation and modification (special templates and themes are created taking into consideration the business field)
  • GPS support


Depending on the needs of the business, several mobile applications were assembled from the multifaceted application solution containing the requested functionality and custom UI.

Key custom functionality provided to users:

  • Time tracking system (indication of the task’s start and finish and calculation of the time spent)
  • Communication options (instant messaging, SMS creation, contact list, and address book)
  • GPS (obtaining the geolocation coordinates)
  • Online and offline data processing (filling out report forms, reports generation and sending, and data synchronization)

This solution also provides information security and ability to collect and send information about the user’s activity. Besides, there is an option to choose only the required features from the set provided. For example, the app used for the cleaning services contained NFC tag reading, a communication option, and reports generation and submitting.




We developed a high-speed, effective, and reliable application solution for time and task management with flexible and easily extendable user interfaces representing several full-life apps operating in different business spheres. All the functions the customer wanted to see were implemented for various services based on the same solution, so the price was lower for the customer than it would be for several independent applications development.

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