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The project goal was to develop a social network for corporations that provided users' anonymity and high data security. Users are divided by the corporations in the system, but they are able to communicate in a global system regardless of the corporation they belong to.


A lot of information is daily registered in the system, but our competent approach in the implementation of the database architecture allows keeping the application’s performance at the highest level.


The app allowed users to share professional information, discuss important issues, develop new business processes, store documents, and perform other activities.

Key Features

  • The application includes API, which provides the opportunity to work with third-party applications (such as iPhone / iPad, Android applications, etc.).
  • API Console was implemented to make the work with API more convenient. Developers can see in real-time how the system works and what kind of data is returned.
  • The custom MVC framework was used as the base for the application architecture.


A secure social network for business purposes.

SCAND team developed a very popular software – fast and secure social network, which has a great potential for extension and further development.

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