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How to stop worrying about missing kids and always be aware of where they are? A kid tracking app that our mobile development team created managed to give a straight answer to this question. During the school hours or late in the evening, parents have a broad picture of their children’s movements, mobile apps they use, and phone battery levels.

The implementation of Where are My Kids turned out to be more challenging as it might seem because of the necessity to accurately track all locations. Parents should have an opportunity to decide which geozones will be monitored when a child enters or leaves them.


During the development of the Where Are My Kids native application, our team faced a challenging task — to establish an impeccable tracking process and enable GPS accuracy. Our own complicated operation algorithm in cooperation with the cutting-edge Android and Google opportunities resulted in a stable solution that allows easily defining the exact location of the phone.
As for synchronizing the information and communication with the server, the latter works as a go-between for two apps to give parents the required real time location data. Besides, parents can manage the settings on the website, including adding geozones, choosing the colors, or mentioning the number of children their want to control.
In terms of the app’s user interface, we combined bright colors and simplicity in design.


A few simple steps from the parent’s side are required to define his/her child’s whereabouts. The only devices needed are Android phones. The connection between the parent’s and child’s devices is established as follows:
First, a copy of the app is installed on a child’s phone; a parent has launched it, connected to his/her own tracking app, and left it running in background. While a child has no idea about Where Are My Kids, the app diligently sends the info about the GPS coordinates and activity to the server.
Where are the kids? Have they already started the lessons? Or are they on their way home? Do their phones function properly? What about the phone battery level? What is going on with the apps usage activity? A dozen questions related mainly to moving from A to B and changing the geozones will become clear thanks to the Where Are My Kids app.

Key Features

  • Several positions to track — a phone battery level, device memory, and running apps. A parent is abreast of the child’s mobile phone activity and knows whether the Android will run out of battery soon. So, he/she can send a timely reminder to the children to charge the phone.
  • If kids cross borders of geozones, their parents get either an SMS or push notification. It’s up to parents to choose a preferable kind of alerts. In case they are abroad, a push notification is an advantage, whereas text messages come quicker within the country.
  • The Where Are My Kids parental control app works offline and stores the coordinates when there is no internet connection. Afterwards, there is a chance for parents to look through the history of the kids’ movements. Alternatively, the app provides a notification list, so that parents can see the statistics for a specific time period.




Where Are My Kids represents a convenient kids locator. This native mobile app for Android keeps parents calm because they always know about their children’s current location. Our mobile app development team has designed the Android kid tracking app that will always keep children from going missing by giving the parents their real-time location data.

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