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The task of the project was to develop web-based ad management software, which includes the integration with a multidimensional data warehouse and provides comprehensive data processing and reporting. This software makes it possible to check statistical data, compile reports, set auto-notification functions for certain situations.

The application had to comprise a number of modules:

  • Modules to generate contracts for advertising companies and firms providing resources for advertising placement.
  • Billing systems to count incoming and outgoing funds and resources.
  • Reporting systems for diversified presentation of data and processes which are taking place during contract execution.
  • Application integration with outside advertising servers (DoubleClick – DART, AdTech – Helios IQ, etc.).


Both, outside APIs and a specifically developed robot are used for data collection.
The essence of the problem is that numerous on-line advertising servers often have an outdated and unfriendly interface. We provide an efficient solution to this problem. The software reads information from the servers using API or a special robot, store it and then displays it in the way which is convenient for the user. What’s more, it has its own full-fledged XML interface that is easily integrated into the existing enterprise management systems.


Web application to be used in online advertising and marketing.

According to the requirements provided by the customer, SCAND team developed the web application that could be used in online advertising and marketing during multiple internet campaigns. It helps to optimize the business processes in the online segment. Users no longer need to visit several websites, they use this advertising management software, which does everything for them.

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