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SCAND web application development team was tasked to create a parcel delivery service that would be useful both for the customer (including admins and drivers) and their clients. The application was to allow admins to manage information about couriers in the system and was to show admins and drivers order details. Also, it was to provide a client with the ability to choose the start and end points of the delivery, calculate its cost, fill out the details required for the delivery, and make payments.


To meet the requirements of our customer, the following steps were included in the process of parcel delivery app development:

  • Integration with Google Maps and Google services (Places API, Geocoding API, Directions API);
  • Implementation of a design that was provided by the customer;
  • Integration with a local payments system;
  • Integration with a mail service;
  • Implementation of a microservice architecture to ensure a high-load.


The created package delivery service ensures efficient management for the customer and easy use for a client. When it comes to the usage of the service by administrators, it allows adding and deleting new/former couriers in order to ensure that all the deliveries and associated details are available only to currently employed drivers of the service.

A client should choose the start and end destination points of the delivery. After, the service automatically calculates the price of the delivery. If a client agrees to the price, details about the delivery are required. When all the obligatory details are provided, it is time to pay for the service: individual clients must pay by credit cards while partner companies registered in the service go through monthly payments.

After the payment is made, the created delivery order gets into the system and becomes available for preview for drivers of the service. Notifications on new orders are coming to couriers’ emails. After receiving such an email, any driver can take the order. It is worth to mention that the system does not allow any order to be taken by more than one driver. In order to ensure quality and security, the service includes a verification system for new drivers and pre-moderation system, so couriers can view the profile but can’t edit it.

Key Features

On the side of the admin, the parcel delivery software allows:

  • Adding/deleting information about new/former drivers and partner companies;
  • Viewing delivery details.


On the side of a client, the parcel delivery management software allows:

  • Choosing the start and end points of the delivery;
  • Calculating the cost of the delivery;
  • Adding details about the delivery;
  • Monthly payments are available to partner companies registered in the service.

On the side of a driver, the parcel delivery app allows:

  • Seeing the list of available orders;
  • Receiving emails about new available orders;
  • Viewing information in a personal profile;
  • Seeing order history and statistics;
  • Using a map assigned to the active delivery.


SCAND web application development team has successfully created a small parcel delivery service that allows sending packages or parcels via couriers.

The created service is lightweight yet effective. It allows clients to learn about the price of delivery in a few seconds and provide all the details necessary for the order. On the admin side, the service provides the ability to see orders’ details, as well as to add/delete information about drivers and partner companies.

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