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Our team was challenged to create a web desktop (desktop virtualization, VDI, SaaS) application that delivers many useful applications that are popular on a standard desktop through a web browser using a standard HTTPS protocol and AJAX techniques. It had to be compatible with Webforce application and mobile-friendly (iOS or Windows Mobile). It also should have the ability to function as a full-featured web operating system.


The application allows small businesses and individual users to abandon their habitual and less – effective desktop solutions and transfer all working tools into the browser. You don’t need to purchase and support expensive programs.


It works with the Webforce application and enables you to store all the information and programs you normally use in a so-called cloud which enables easy data exchange among your colleagues. Moreover, this smart application is not permanently connected to a certain computer and could be launched at any place if the Internet and a web-browser are provided. SCAND developers also provided the mobile nature for the app, including web-mail and calendar functionality.

This product is based on Web2.0, AJAX, DHTML technologies. SCAND team has also developed a totally autonomous Linux (SLAX)-based solution for medium-priced laptops (netbooks/ultraportable).


Delivers many useful applications that are popular on a standard desktop through a web browser using standard HTTPS protocol.

The solution is expected to be used in schools and kindergartens. Webforce application advantages are obvious: school authorities will be able to save considerably on additional software resources. Teachers will have total control over pupils’ applications and actions.

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