Software Solution for Invoice Mass Printing

Development of a software solution for invoice mass printing and implementation it into the existing web-application.


The main goal was to develop a software solution for invoice mass printing and implement it into the existing web-application.

  • Аbility to convert HTML invoices to PDF.
  • Smart pagination mechanism with content separation (table separation).
  • Correct placement of headers and margins.
  • Ability to scale images.


Having looked through the existing solutions, WebKit and Qt were chosen as the most suitable technologies.


  • was used and Scand developers had to upgrade it to new Qt version (from 4.7 to 4.8).
  • Separate server, which could receive print requests and create PDF files was created.
  • This server was successfully integrated into the working solution.


Software solution for mass printing.

This project complied with the customer needs and after it was successfully accomplished, the customer made a similar request to develop the system under Windows with additional user interface. Benefits brought by Qt, made the task being completed without any difficulties.

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