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SCAND development team was asked to create an HR software platform to simplify searching for candidates through a great number of career sites. The additional challenge was to provide companies with information about the effectiveness of their current job advertising efforts in order to make them more money-saving and less resource-intensive.


While using several SCAND proprietary technologies, we developed a human resources software platform that unites millions of different career websites from all over the world and provides companies with easy access to all of them within one platform.

The service also tracks all the candidates’ interactions with the vacancies: response rate, clicking, applying, used device, etc.


The company chooses a number of career websites where it wants to post its vacancies and pays monthly fees for using them (these payments can be automated). There is no need to reenter the company and vacancy information on every single platform: once entered into a special form, it is automatically duplicated and posted on all the chosen sites.

Every month the company gets a report with a full analysis of the candidates’ behavior, as well as results on its own and competitors’ effectiveness concerning the posted jobs.

Key Features

  • Compliance with the government standards of many countries;
  • Wide posting settings: time, platforms, duration;
  • Wide range of available platforms: commercial job boards of 180+ countries, social media, universities and alumni associations, major search engines;
  • Big Data analytics and reporting on vacancies, certain jobs boards, candidates’ response and activity, competitors, etc;
  • Total automation opportunity: taking jobs from your career website and delivering them to pre-selected locations.


The HR software platform that allows posting vacancies on most world’s career websites.

SCAND development team delivered an HR software platform that simplifies and improves the recruiting process by automating such routine processes as posting vacancies on different career sites and provides companies with Big Data analytics and reporting.

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