Business Process Management and KPI Assessments System

Process management and KPI assessments system to modernize the company.


According to the customer’s request, SCAND team had to develop a process management and KPI assessments system that enables to achieve the objectives of strategic planning, manage business process and monitor staff performance. The main goal was to develop a server version with the further revision and then focus on the web interface building.

  • Identify the responsibility areas for tasks execution.
  • Create the control points according to the processes and performers (indicators, metrics).
  • Analyze the performance within the processes and key performance indicators (KPI).
  • Generate customized reports.


SCAND development team decided to develop the system of limited data access. The administrator has the full access to all sections, section administrator has the customized access to the sections and the user has the limited access to all functions of the section.


  • Flexible system configuration and intuitive user interface.
  • Graphical processes modeling according to the specifications BMPN 2.0.
  • System usability and administration.
  • Graphical tools for business process modeling.


Business process management system for enterprise organization.

SCAND accomplished a business process management system for enterprise organizations. It can be successfully integrated to constantly monitor employees’ productivity and improve the company’s business efficiency.

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