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empowers you to effortlessly share and monetize your content

About Product

EpubCloud is a combination of the Cloud Storage and EPUB Reader that allows hosting, storing, and sharing EPUB files for their further reading from various devices, including desktop and mobile.

How It Works

  1. Log in

    A user logs into the AWS cloud library using the admin panel and gets an opportunity to upload the content to the AWS cloud storage.

  2. Download the application

    The EPUB Reader app is downloaded directly from the product homepage.

  3. Store and share

    EPUB files are ready for storing, sharing, and reading from the AWS cloud library.

Cloud Storage

The Cloud Storage is designed for the AWS-based EPUB book hosting with the ability to upload your own books in the EPUB format. It has mobile and desktop clients. Depending on your plan you have an opportunity to get additional options.

The service might also cover DRM support and integration with corporate services and custom billing if needed.

FeaturesDemo versionCorporate version*
Social network authenticationGoogleFacebook and Google
StorageUp to 100MBNo limits
Storage per book itemUp to 10MBNo limits
Traffic storage1GB of data per monthNo traffic limits**
Reader availabilityAndroid readerAndroid and iOS readers
OS compatibilityWeb-based personal library maintenanceWindows, MacOS, and Linux Qt/QML-based reader
Customer supportEmailEmail, Skype, and phone
Rental and time limits support
Library maintenance and an administration portal
Permissions, book uploads, per-user/per-device permissions support
DRM management
Bulk uploads
Real-time billing reports
  • * Upon the client’s request, some functions could be a subject of development and integration with the corporate infrastructure.
  • ** All hosting expenses will be added into the monthly billing.
  • We can efficiently configure and create new modules if requested by the client.

EPUB Reader

EPUB Reader is the application to easily open, read, and manage e-books in the EPUB format stored in the cloud. We have integrated the epuBear Reader with the AWS cloud storage to download and display the EPUB books.

It is included in the EpubCloud package and fully customizable so that background, logo, or any other elements can be tailored to the clients and their requests.


  • Opening EPUB 2 and a part of EPUB 3 documents
  • Getting EPUB document info
  • Going to a page and chapter
  • Opening internal and external links
  • Changing the font size
  • Choosing between a single and double-page mode
  • Applying a night mode
  • Supporting Latin, Cyrillic, and hieroglyphs
  • Applying bookmarks
  • Text searching


All books are uploaded to the AWS cloud storage which is connected with the EPUB Reader application. We provide you with the customizable APK so you are free to distribute the books to the target audience.

Getting Started

To start using EpubCloud please choose one of the following options:

You can also try our EpubCloud free using its demo version.

Select Your Plan

Below, you can choose any of the available billing plans according to your requirements and demands and get access to extra features, e.g., content sharing.


  • 20 books
  • 5MB/book
  • No sharing
  • No DRM
  • Google account


  • Customizable
  • Private Cloud
  • SLA support
  • DRM
  • Sharing


If none of the mentioned plans fit you let's discuss an individual plan.

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