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The app should provide users with notifications about the latest JIRA activities. That’s why our developers focused on the following aspects:

  • Adding Activity Streams.
  • Implementing the ability to add multiple Activity Streams from various instances.
  • Allow viewing JIRA issues from the selected Activities.
  • Providing the advanced notifications functionality.
  • Notification settings for new activities in the selected Streams, while the app is in a background mode.


The SCAND mobile development team tried to bring the full-fledged JIRA experience to mobile devices running iOS. They implemented the most required features to allow users to conveniently manage projects and organize business processes. Also, the application is designed to efficiently manage the incoming alerts using the built-in iOS notification system. Finally, the application benefits from a well-designed and user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Mobile JIRA Access

The JIRA mobile app provides users with the access to the project’s workflow. It includes information on the ongoing projects and various support data. Activity Streams can be added, deleted, and viewed the same way it is done in JIRA.

  • Personalized Activity Streams

The application allows setting up personal Activity Streams that can be customized by user-defined filters such as project, issue type, username, activity, etc. Moreover, users can collect multiple Activity Streams from different JIRA instances.

  • Advanced Notifications

JIRA has a built-in notification system that can lead to a mess when a user gets dozens of emails every hour.The JIRA iOS app eliminates this problem by providing the advanced notification settings that can be easily adjusted for the company’s needs and requirements.

  • Native iOS Background Notifications

On top of that, the app fully utilizes native iOS notification abilities. The application will check for updates in the background mode, and pop-up notifications appear on the lock screen or Notification Center when new activities occur.




The application is available to download from the App Store free of charge. It helps hundreds of iOS users easily communicate with JIRA from mobile devices, as well as stay connected to the company’s business processes. Moreover, the JIRA mobile app substitutes the awkward JIRA email notifications with convenient ones that can be carefully configured from the app’s settings.

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