MathML Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

MathML Kit provides the native placement of MathML files without any extra conversions.

This is simple support of math equations for Adobe InDesign Server, Adobe InDesign, and Adobe InCopy in the MathML format. From the Adobe InDesign side, a MathML file is a vector shape and it is placed as a vector in the EPS, PDF, or other formats.

Main function and compatibility

MathML Kit has been designed primarily for one function: the high-quality printing of the mathematical formulas on paper.

We support the following Adobe products:

  • Adobe InDesign support, CS6 – CC2017.
  • Adobe InDesign Server support, CS6 – CC2017.
  • Adobe InCopy support, CS5.5 – CC2017.
  • MathML 2.0 presentation extended support.
  • MathML 2.0 content basic support.
  • MathML 3.0 basic support.

Why MathML Kit for Adobe Creative Suite

The major browsers support the MathML format and overall, this format is quite popular. But for printing, it should be converted into the vector (EPS or PDF) or raster formats. As a result, the converted images are no longer maintainable and in many cases have a poor quality.

We have created our own implementation of the SVG format support named SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite, and currently, we introduce the MathML basic format support in addition to SVG.

Our solution does not ensure any MathML editing capabilities; it just provides you with an ability to place MathML formulas into the InDesign documents manually or in an automated way.


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