Electronic Health Records System

SCAND participated in the development of an electronic health records system for medical workers dealing with patients e-forms. The goal was to define insurance roles and prevention agenda status to facilitate the billing process, and both internal and external communication.


Our team was prompted to extend e-forms of the existing customer’s electronic health records system to make it more detailed and accurate. SCAND development team had to add the following:

  • Insurance roles e-form including Insurance name, Status (active/inactive), Diseases Codes, list of covered and uncovered diseases;
  • PA (Prevention Agenda) Section with PA results, PA status, and PA Quantity.

The customer also requested to add the ability to automatically send notifications to a PA provider.


To reflect the insurance roles in the requested EHR system, we added insurance table to the database, ensuring the ability to further edit the information added to the table. We also set rules for insurance roles, so depending on a specific patient’s disease, a medical worker could see if an insurance company of the patient covers the treatment or not.

According to the requirements, our development team added PA results section by creating a group of CPTs related to the PA. The PA Section was designed to be editable and manageable, so hospital workers could manage PA documents received by fax or email for each PA, tracking them in the Home Dashboard and send notes to the provider.

To ensure the real-time exchange of data and processes, the existing EHR system was integrated with third-party services specified by the customer.

Key Features

  • Setting and defining insurance roles;
  • Determining prevention agenda status;
  • Adding files of any formats;
  • Sending notes to co-workers and PA providers;
  • Receiving fax and emails directly to the system;
  • Tracking documents workflow;
  • Managing documents;
  • E-signature.


SCAND web application development team has successfully created a powerful EHR system featuring forms and roles for different service providers.

SCAND development team extended the functionality of the customer’s EHR system by adding insurance roles and prevention agenda section.The renewed system is integrated with third-party services, provides communication and tracking options and facilitates the billing process.

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