Medical Events Portal Development

SCAND team created a medical events portal that generates information provided by doctors, their patients, event planners, and admins, ensuring that any planned conference or meeting will go off without a hitch.


SCAND developers faced a challenging task to create a medical events portal, corresponding to the needs of different user types: doctors, patients, event planners and admins. The platform had to include payment records, email directories, supply management forms, and applications for participation. Also, the customer needed the integration with some external services.


SCAND team decided to choose low-code development platform (LSDP) as the basis of the portal to ensure its adaptability. Applications with fill-in forms, email directories and other requested options were added with additional coding. Ability for integration was achieved through using REST API.


The developed medical portal meets the needs of different user types, offering tailored personal accounts for doctors, patients, event planners, and admins.

  • Personal accounts for doctors include  applications for participation and forms for entering personal data, such as FCs, position, workplace, location, etc.
  • Personal accounts for patients also have applications for participation and forms for entering personal data but they request such details as diagnoses, physician attendance, etc.
  • Personal accounts for event planners have two kinds of fill-in forms: for details on organized events/conferences/meetings and for details on supply of meals, drinks, equipment, etc.
  • Personal accounts for admins include payment records and forms for email directories.

Key Features

The developed medical events portal has the following features:

  • Adaptability ensured by LSDP;
  • Role accounts (for doctors, patients, event planners);
  • Applications with fill-in forms;
  • Support of files of different formats (PDF, doc., txt, etc.);
  • Payment records;
  • Forms for email directories;
  • Supply management forms.


With medical events portal created by SCAND team, the organization of medical conferences, events and meetings became easier.

Due to the role accounts and other useful features implemented in the system, the medical portal allows bringing together all the information concerning the upcoming events, ensuring easy registration, payment processing and supply management.

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