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The customer is a middle-sized company that sells eBooks and cooperates with multiple publishers worldwide. Among the requirements to the application were the following:

  • Build a transparent sales reporting system.
  • Make the system available for all participants: publishers, resellers, authors, and store managers.
  • Integrate the system with a custom web platform.
  • Add the offline functionality for reports.
  • Make the reporting process secure and available for mobile.
  • Add printing and PDF generating features.


For this project, the SCAND mobile team developed a comprehensive reporting system and built it in the Android application. Despite the minimalistic look of the app, our specialists have managed to integrate several important features, including advanced reporting, smart filters and rules, and convenient interface. All these features are available any time from a mobile device. On top of that, our team added the ability to generate reports to PDF files and print them.

Key Features

  • Advanced Reporting System

The application allows creating reports with the detailed information on sold books, reseller cost, and various service data. All reports are reliably protected from being modified or filled in with the incorrect information. Moreover, the reports are available for offline viewing.

  • Automation and Smart Filters

Reports can be generated either automatically using predefined rules or on demand by certain users, including managers, publishers, and supervisors. The application supports smart filters and configurable rules to select and implement the data needed.

  • Detailed Statistics

Among other features, the application can provide users with various information on the go. For example, users can retrieve data on sales, returns, income, and other useful statistics that may come in handy.

  • Wireless Printing and PDF Exporting

The app supports wireless printing that allows users to print reports right from their mobile devices. Also, it is possible to print out barcodes with various service information that may be useful for retrieving specific data.

  • Custom eBooks Platform Integration

Sales reporting application is fully integrated with the customer’s online library web platform. This allows keeping all data up to date and stay connected with the unified library system.




The application has been successfully integrated into the customer’s business sale reports model. It substitutes dozens of similar awkward mobile apps for sale reporting and increases usability for many employees, as well as affects their performance.The app allows managers to provide the required information in a number of simple actions on a smartphone or tablet instead of manual data aggregation, as well as avoid mistakes in the prepared reports.

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