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Ministry’s Enactments was highly demanded by ministerial officers and government servants who constantly have a lack of time and an abundance of documents to keep track of. This iPad app should give them the info on the status of any law or draft law. No computers needed — Ministry’s Enactments shows the aggregated data, and all updates on the resolutions of the government are available per request.

Our mobile app development team has created a solution for iPads that allows department officers to make a few clicks to find the information either to provide their colleagues with or to keep abreast of an issue themselves.


Our native app gets the aggregated information from the database located on the web server. Communication with the server contributes to timely data updates and representation of up-to-date information about enactments and instructions.

The app renders multiple charts with the aim to create an easy way of arranging information.


Ministry’s Enactments displays two types of data:

  • Enactments. A government servant quickly gets the requested government documents that are conveniently arranged.
  • Instructions. The iOS tablet app shows the texts of the instructions, their status, notes, and attached documents. As for the status, an app’s user is timely informed whether the instruction requires an approval from the Ministry or has already been submitted for signature.

Department officers have access to these documents via the Ministry’s Enactments app.

Key Features

  • Displaying data in a user-friendly way. To visualize the info, our team used various self-explanatory charts.
  • Providing relevant information and updated document status on time.




Ministry’s Enactments is an iPad app that helps government employees systematize tons of instructions, resolutions, decrees, and agreements by vividly demonstrating them in one place. Our native mobile app will rid its users of the tiresome search for a relevant document and keep them informed about its status.

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