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Swift Development Nowadays

This post is about the new trends iOS development is facing recently. SCAND has impressive experience in developing apps for Android and iOS platforms. Our Objective-C developers highly appreciate the efforts Apple puts to create new possibilities to facilitate the development.

The year 2014 is well-known as the year when Swift programming language officially came into existence. In 2015, it became open source. In September 2016 its 3.0 version was introduced to the programming society and very shortly, we are expecting to witness the new version of Swift (v.4.0). At least, that’s what Tim Cook and Ted Kremenek, Swift release manager, are talking about in the media.

Apple succeeded in the development of easier, safer, generally better analog of Objective-C for iOS app development. Mobile developers around the world are grateful for open source libraries, utilizing proactive features, ability to create contextual apps that are easily compatible with latest iOS versions, and accelerate the native development. These are just some ideas in general and let’s discuss them closer from the developer’s point of view.

Five Main Advantages of Swift over Objective-C Development

No matter how logical and well-structured the language is, it could never reach the tops of mobile development potential without the popular support. Swift has it, people love it! The Swift community was organized less than 2 years ago and already grew into the entire movement. What is there magnetic for Swift developers?

1. Swift app development is open source

Everyone knows that if a technology is open source it gives much space for enhancement. With the support of the community, Swift iOS development shows great potential and allows businesses save up to $60 billion per year. Its open source nature motivates developers to reshape it to the extent that it is could be used on other platforms, like Windows or Android.

2. Swift Produces Less Code that is Easy to Process

Being able to use some features from functional programming, it has package managers that are pushed to collaborate with others and are easily utilized. Swift supports passing functions as variables. Swift package manager repositories are open source and the language generally allows producing highly generic code, thus effort and repetition are reduced.

3. Swift Code is Less Error Prone and Takes the Product Less Time to Market

The behavior of Swift development language is predictable to the point that once a null optional variable is applied, it triggers a run-time crash instantaneously. Thus, the bug-fixing process is on because of the consistent behavior of the technology. It alerts to fix the bug ASAP. Due to that, the development time is reduced and consequently, the final product needs less time to get to the market.

4. Swift Technology is Cost Effective

Swift is easier to operate than Objective-C and it’s easier to learn. Due to that, Swift developers are more affordable among other native iOS developers.

5. Swift Code is Safer

As it was mentioned before, Swift handles bugs better than Objective-C and at the same time, it’s much easier to maintain. The two characteristics bring to life the development of safer apps. New iOS apps are built in Swift; Objective-C is mostly used to support the existing ones.

How SCAND mobile developers tackle Swift?

We have interviewed SCAND mobile developers to get to know their ideas of Swift development.

– How did you first begin to start programming on Swift?

– In June 2014 together with other iOS developers, we watched Apple’s event on YouTube when they introduced Swift. We all were encouraged by the presentation of the new language and had hot discussions about the future of iOS development and its look in perspective. Once Swift documentation became available, we started to dig into the development. The first version of Swift was actually a bit raw, but it was obvious that this language has great potential. We started writing the prototypes on Swift 1.0 and became more experienced with the time. We discovered new practices and that was different from what we did while developing on Objective-C. Swift 2.0 came with amazing new features, which speeded up iOS development, made it safer and of higher quality. Since version 2.0 we started using Swift for commercial development, and now we can offer professional assistance performing tasks of different complexity.

What are the differences between v.2.0 and v. 3.0?

– The Package Manager included in Swift 3.0, improved the readability of code (i.e. Apple removed var from function parameters, removed ++ and –, removed C-style for loops with conditions and increments, dropped NS prefix in Swift Foundation and etc.), GCD and Core Graphics took new modern look of API instead of old C-style. Also Swift is getting faster in hot runs and compiles.

– What are the benefits you personally find while programming on Swift?

– At first, we would like to say that there is simply less code to write, and, it is easy to read and maintain. Strong typization makes the code safer, much more predictable, which results in the decrease of defects amount. Swift is a modern language with lots of features. It gives us flexibility while planning the product architecture. In our projects, we apply the concept of protocol-oriented programming introduced by Apple. It helps to deliver better quality products to our customers.

– Have you heard the announcement about the release of Swift v. 4.0 What are your personal predictions?

– We’re looking forward to this new release because Apple is constantly making Swift better and better with every new version. Maybe they will increase the compile, build time of applications, and add new powerful tools to work with threads, some new UI components so you can easily add them to the storyboard. Swift is already an amazing and powerful language and Apple’s doing their best to improve it!

 If you are interested in the development of your own mobile application based on Swift or looking for outsourcing mobile development, let us know. We are happy to provide you with more information on technologies and programming languages actively used. We offer several models of collaboration for custom software development which give our customers a possibility to create great award-winning mobile apps cost-effectively. Please, contact us.

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