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Category: Technologies
November 7, 2023

Kotlin Multiplatform vs. Flutter: Making the Right Choice for Your App

The article discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using Kotlin Multiplatform and Flutter for cross-platform app development. It provides insights into the key considerations and factors to help you make an informed decision between those two frameworks.

July 27, 2023

Key Features to Look for in an e-Procurement Solution

In this article we explain the importance of efficient e-Procurement solutions for companies, compare off-the-shelf and custom-developed options, and list key features to look for in a good solution.

July 20, 2023

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in PIM: Leveraging Automation for Data Management

This article explores the role of AI in Product Information Management (PIM), highlights its successful implementations by industry leaders, and outlines future trends and challenges in AI-powered PIM systems.

July 18, 2023

Building Dynamic Web Applications with Grails: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

This step-by-step guide dwells on how to use the Grails framework to build dynamic web applications effectively.

June 15, 2023

What Is a DEX and How Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Work?

This article dives into everything you need to know about decentralized exchanges (DEXs), from understanding their definition and functionality to exploring the benefits they bring and the challenges they present.

April 27, 2023

How to Develop a Car Reservation System

Online car rental services are rapidly growing in demand right now. Find out how to build an effective and performant car reservation system and which key features to include in it in our step-by-step guide.

April 25, 2023

Key Technologies and Frameworks in Front-End Development

Before starting your next web development project, it’s vital to have a good grasp of front-end development and its basics. This article covers the leading technologies of front-end development and popular frameworks you should know about.

March 21, 2023

Top Open-Source Frameworks and Tools For Java Web Application Development?

Which open-source frameworks and tools to use for building effective and robust Java web applications today? In this article, we’ve gathered the top open-source frameworks and tools that are widely used for developing high-quality web solutions.

March 14, 2023

What are EDI Systems – Software Solutions 2023

The volume of data businesses have to process to stay efficient in the market is growing year to year. Find out how EDI systems help companies solve data management challenges and preserve their competitive edge in the market.

March 9, 2023

Workflow Automation Trends To Keep Up With

Workflow automation helps businesses to minimize manual routine work while increasin