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How to Organize Your E-mails on Mobile Phone

Implementing our rich experience in the custom software development, we are proud to announce the range of new mobile applications and libraries planned for the nearest future.

We receive dozens of messages every day. Also, we use our mobile devices to get in touch with colleagues and friends via e-mails. We can spend a lot of time organizing our e-mails into folders and creating filters. Sure enough, everyone would be happy in case e-mails on mobile were organized. So we need an organization tool to save our time and improve our productivity.

Just recently SCAND team developed a simple and convenient application helping you to filter tons of your e-mails! Mobile E-mail Organizer brings handy features to improve user productivity significantly. What can Mobile E-mail Organizer do for your inbox? It will remove all unwanted e-mails, move other e-mails into target folders, flag e-mails and you will no longer have filtering problems with your inbox!

Currently, this app isn’t published on Play Market and Appstore. However, public release of beta version is coming soon! For those of you who want to participate in alpha and beta testing of Mobile E-mail Organizer, please, consider writing at

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