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We developed a simple and convenient application – Mobile E-mail Organizer helping you with tons of your e-mails to be organized. With Mobile E-mail Organizer you need to configure filters and rules for mailboxes only once, run the application and wait while organizing is completed (by the way background filtering is coming soon in our next update). After this, you can move to a mobile mail client and work with organized e-mails. Mobile E-mail Organizer will remove all unwanted e-mails, move other e-mails into target folders, flag e-mails and you will no longer have any problems with your inbox! Moreover, the next update will bring you a loud notification for important messages even when your phone is in a silent mode.


Why Mobile E-mail Organizer

Nowadays many people store e-mails “in the cloud”, “on the server”. Quite often it looks just like a stream – you need to detect what is important, what should be stored for the history, etc. Everything is in manual mode. Filtering and organizing e-mails by folders could solve this problem. But how would you perform it on the beach, in a hotel room or in the mountains without powerful desktop mail client applications? Just using your phone? Sometimes mail services don’t provide us such an opportunity and the ‘big web’ is unavailable in a lot of places. Especially for mobile clients.

Our E-mail Organizer will filter and organize emails on your mobile device instantly!


Main Features


Recently, we have implemented the first alpha-version of our application for iOS and Android platforms, that allows:

  • Adding mailboxes for filtering.
  • Viewing the structure of the folders.
  • Ability to set up a rule for message filtering based on the “Subject” field and “From” field.
  • Ability to set up actions (Move to folder, delete, add or remove a flag, mark as read or unread), that will be performed based on the conditions you defined automatically.

Features that coming soon:

  • Background filtering with a particular time interval.
  • Ability to set up a rule for filtering – loud notification for important e-mails.

Video Tutorials





Requires Android 4.0.
Requires iOS 7.

The public release is coming soon! For those of you who want to participate in alpha and beta testing of Mobile E-mail Organizer please consider writing us:

You can request any specific features you need — and order the development of your own custom solution, fast and cost-effective.

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