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EPUB reader development is now easier than ever with epuBear – our new EPUB SDK

E-book industry is thrusting nowadays that is why many software development companies are leaving no stones unturned in the field of e-reader production. As the interest in e-book development soars, we face the diversity of formats and as it stems from it – a variety of readers.

What is an EPUB e-book?

SCAND software development team emphasize EPUB format among others due to its open standard nature. There are more books created in EPUB than in any other format. EPUB code is written by two development languages: XHTML and XML what makes it reflowable and modifiable. That’s why our mobile engineers decided to create an efficient EPUB reader SDK for this format.


SCAND mobile engineers took all the advantages of EPUB format and we are happy to present epuBear – an efficient cross-platform SDK used to build EPUB readers. The solution is initially realized in C++ and is put into native wrappers for Android (Java), iOS (Swift), and Xamarin (C#). With these enhancements, our EPUB SDK is bound to match your project no matter what the target platform is. Some code sampling is easily found on the product web page.

Main Functionality

It’s important to mention that the goal of the development was to make epuBear SDK as lightweight and at the same time as reliable as possible.

The close Core demonstrates great performance abilities and provides such basic functionality as to open, parse and unpack EPUB documents, render pages to bitmaps, move across pages and chapters, get EPUB document data, change font size, apply double page and night modes. Additionally, you could get custom fonts and page background changes, as well as default CSS replacement. EpuBear supports Latin, Cyrillic alphabets, hieroglyph symbols, external and internal links.

EpuBear Demo Readers

The basic core of the SDK is extended with the help of additional wrappers provided by the mobile development team. Each of the wrappers implements high-level logic and brings the code samples of how it is used to the viewer. Wrappers introduce the functionality to enhance the catching mechanism, apply bookmarks, implement different page turn effects and enable content table, go through the reading progress and the settings of the product. Another beneficial trace is the provided access to the benchmarking information of the application, i.e. how long it takes to unpack the file, how fast it counts pages, memory consumption, etc.

To demonstrate all features we created Demo Readers that are available for Android and iOS. These apps based on epuBear SDK have an intuitive and self-explanatory interface; they work with EPUB2 and support the basic features of EPUB3 format. The rendering speed of our apps is also very fast.

EpuBear SDK by SCAND could be a part of your project either you buy it from us as the EPUB toolkit or order EPUB reader development. It is also used as a part of our related cloud-based EPUB solution — EpubCloud.

If you’re also interested in outsourcing Mobile development team to work on your other projects, please contact us.

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