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2019 Digital Transformation Trends in Healthcare (Part 2)

Continuing the overview of 2019 digital healthcare trends, we would like to focus on five more most promising ones. Please, meet chatbots, digital twins, cloud computing, big data and wireless of the 5th Generation.

# Chatbots

While the e-commerce world is already enjoying the benefits of using chatbots, healthcare industry makes its first steps towards implementing this technology. Even though it’s just the beginning, it already looks very promising. According to the market research conducted by Grand View Research, in 6 years, a global chatbot market is predicted to reach $1.23 billion.

Currently, there are two types of healthcare chatbots: patient-only bots aimed at tracking patients health data and patient-clinician ones that serve as a connector between the two groups. While the first type is fully represented by a machine that provides evidence-based responses and friendly reminders, the second includes human-to-human communication when it is required, can serve as a transmitter of medical test results and as an assistant for scheduling appointments.

Patient-clinician chatbot

# Digital Twins

Being some kind of bridge between the digital and physical worlds, digital twins allow creating exact, dynamic models of things that exist in the physical world. In terms of healthcare, digital twins provide the ability to make safe tests and measure the impact of potential changes to a living organism, including the human body. Technology opens space for “what if” questions, allowing healthcare IT providers to shift from historically used non-living things to machine-created living bodies. Today, digital twins can be used for:

04 - bp054_2.jpg

Used in conjunction with machine learning and AI, digital twins technology offers even more sophisticated results: it provides deeper insights into the understanding of how the human body functions and reacts to certain manipulations, allows significantly reduce medical mistakes and improve healthcare procedures.

# Cloud Computing

Sooner or later, all paper-based record files of patients will become a thing of the past, and this time is coming. Cloud computing provides the ability to outsource such information to Cloud service provides, enabling hospitals and practitioners better direct internal resources and optimize their services. Here’s an example of how cloud computing can help in treating cancer:

04 - bp054_3.jpg

One more advantage of cloud computing is its effectiveness in terms of data privacy and security. It is interesting to note that according to Maintel’s head of security, the price of medical information is 10 times higher than the information on credit cards on the black market.

# Big Data

There are various scenarios of using big data in healthcare: it can be used to stop epidemics, help in creating a patient’s detailed personal record or collecting family medical history for predictive analysis, reduce medical costs for both patients and healthcare institutions, cure chronic diseases and serve as a means of preventive medicine. When paired with AI-system and having enough information resources, big data can work miracles to the healthcare industry. Here are just a couple of examples:

04 - bp054_4.jpg

# 5G

It is worth mentioning that the last trend — 5G — should be considered as the most transformative one because it enables the successful implementation of each technology mentioned earlier, in both parts of this blog post.

It’s no doubt that one day more tech miracles will happen to the healthcare industry to make it even more productive. With respect for today, 10 transformative technologies discussed earlier still have a space to grow and expand.
The changing face of the healthcare industry inspires SCAND to make its own contribution, to promote the adoption of such ambitious technologies. We have enough experience of working in the domain and waiting for you to contact us with any questions!

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Victoria has over 15 years of experience in IT, keeping track of the current and future trends in the sphere, sharing expert advice and relevant industry experience.

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