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Clouds For Business

Although cloud computing has been around for two decades, over the last 5 years it has grown in popularity. Today it is used nearly everywhere: in business, in social media, for big data analytics, backup, and recovery, etc. The truth is that cloud computing services are so popular that they are used by many people even without realizing it: in such applications as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive and more. So there is no wonder why today is the right time to put your head in a cloud.

Cloud Computing Trend

The fact that we are living in the era of digital information ensures cloud computing unambiguous trend. Keeping vital digital information, programs and systems is important for both individuals and businesses, so in this way, clouds represent kind of a perfect solution.
The study conducted by International Data Group has shown that 69% of businesses are already taking advantage of using cloud services to store their vital data. What is more, 18% out of 31% left say that they are going to implement such systems into their businesses in the nearest future. Also, businesses investing in cloud and its security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth in comparison to their competitors. So if you are on your way of figuring out whether you need a cloud storage for business, let us consider this question in greater detail and learn some important nuances related to the security issues of cloud computing.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cost Efficiency

A cloud-based server is not just worth its price tag but is known for having a good ROI. The pay-as-you-go system allows taking advantage of cloud services without a need to pay for what you don’t need, including extra space.


Work practices for employees become more flexible because a cloud service provides the ability to get into virtual office in a few seconds.


A virtual office in a cloud is accessible from any web-enabled device, which means that needed information can be found anywhere and anytime.

Improved Performance

A significant number of cloud-based storage solutions include integrated cloud analytics and can be improved with tracking mechanisms, allowing to build customized reports in order to analyze information.

Better Control

Considering the fact that all the vital information concerning your business is stored in one place, it is easier for you to keep a bird’s eye view of it.


Cloud computing model ensures a simple process of collaboration with your business partners, as well as collaboration between employees (members of one or different teams).

Data Recovery

Cloud service ensures fast data recovery, which means that in case of power outage or disaster, a downtime of your business will be minimized to about up to 4 hours.

Cloud Security

One of the most distinct advantages not mentioned above is the security of data stored in a properly protected cloud service. Nevertheless, cloud security companies have to take serious measures in order to protect the data of their clients, to ensure privacy and support regulatory compliance. For this reason, demand for cloud data security — a set of controls, policies, technologies and procedures used to protect cloud-based data, applications and infrastructure — rapidly grows. 66% of IT professionals say security is their greatest concern in adopting a cloud computing strategy.

Still, it is important to understand that these are not just cloud security companies who have to take measures in order to ensure the security of data stored in a cloud. Cloud computing security has to be a joint effort, so IT organizations must consider several aspects of security to ensure that cloud computing does not put their business at risk. So let us show the main threats.

Threats To Cloud Data Security


Although DDoS attacks were extremely difficult to initiate when cloud computing first became popular, Internet of Things devices, smartphones, and other computing systems changed that. Today, with enough traffic initiated to a cloud system, the threat of a DDoS attack is among real cloud security risks.

Cloud Provider

A cloud provider itself can become a reason for a cloud security threat. As not all of them are created equal, some are known for providing a lack of security between clients, which results in shared resources, applications, and systems. The worst thing about such a threat is that even when it is targeted at one client, it will also have an impact on another one.

Employee Mistakes

Although there are numerous possible threats to cloud security, the most common one is a guilt of an employee. It is associated with negligence and mistakes people make when logging into the cloud from home PC’s, tablets or personal smartphones, leaving a system vulnerable to many outside threats.


Such a specific type of security threat as ransomware appears as the result of improper data syncing and inadequate backups. It locks the data of a client and does not allow accessing it until a ransom is paid.

Phishing and Social Engineering Attacks

Because a cloud computing system is quite open and is accessible from anywhere, login or other confidential information acquired by a potential attacker allows breaking into the cloud and accessing confidential data stored in it with ease. Phishing and social engineering attacks can be avoided if employees are knowledgeable about them.

System Vulnerabilities

Any vulnerability of the system can be used against a business when it becomes known with a third-party system. To prevent cloud security issues, network monitoring solutions, proper patching, and upgrade protocols are used.

Bottom Line

The fact that clouds gain more and more space today by freeing it on our devices ensures the continuous trend of cloud computing. One more thing that guarantees demand in cloud security services is that data storage is known for being a burning issue for companies worldwide. So until humanity finds a better way of storing e-data, it is wise to put your head in a cloud and see how it works and what it can offer.

While cloud computing has a lot of benefits, and these benefits are undoubtful, there is a growing demand for offering security solutions for cloud services. At SCAND, we put a strong emphasis on developing cloud computing solutions with an improved level of security. EpubCloud — a product that hosts, stores, and shares EPUB files for their further reading from various devices — is one of the examples. When it comes to security, it is ensured through Oauth2 and Google 2-factor authentication.

There is no doubt that cloud security solutions trend will continue to grow. Still, the most important thing to keep in mind is that cloud data security is a joint effort, so getting knowledge about ways to secure cloud storage is no less important than finding a good provider.

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