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Agile DevOps Services

According to the CA Technologies paper, over 75 % of companies (banks, insurance institutions, advertising agencies, management platforms, etc.) report that the combination of Agile and DevOps best practices improves the working environment, employee productivity increase is registered in 45% of cases. One-third of the companies surveyed claim that the customer satisfaction has also increased. Looks like great score and SCAND DevOps team is excited to share their ideas on how the mentioned above combination works and improves the development processes.

DevOps Practices: Work to the Fullest with Agile toward Trust and Transparency between the Teams

1. Continuous engagement

From the planning and visioning stage, DevOps team provide the important inputs to the developers to build and validate success-related environment. They also should understand the business vision, release time lines, and provide the technical feasibility of the solution.

2. Ability to get the customer’s vision

DevOps engineers operate and plan accordingly to the nonfunctional requirements (NFRs) provided by the product owner. The clearer and more articulated they are the better. The Agile principles let the engineers adjust to the changes in the following fields:

  • platforms to develop, support, availability, and limitations;
  • dependency of infrastructure maintenance;
  • amount and nature of third-party integrations required for the finalized solutions.

3. Agile Team Philosophy

The success of the DevOps services is based on the organizational culture, cross-skilled and self-organizing team more than step-by-step recipes or tooling. DevOps team is pro continuous learning, time-drive and set a high value on command work. An efficient DevOps team sits on professionals and outstanding leadership skills performed by managers.

4. Steps taken by DevOps on the way to agility

  • Create robust and dynamic simulations that are available throughout the development cycle. Such simulations help to model the data, behavior, and performance of the targeted systems.
  • Move to the direction of built-in suite development that accelerates UI, mobile, performance, functional and other kinds of software testing.
  • Enable the work of testing and multiple development teams in the concurrent environments in parallel.
  • Provide the storage, management, and re-use of test data between the teams.

DevOps Agile Operations and Security Issues

However, the shift to agility and speed could expose some gaps in the security assurance of the development processes. According to HPE Security Fortify survey, 99% of respondents claim that there is still space to improve concerning the security issues. A number of teams performing security testing on the regular basis – 20% and there is a bigger chance for them to break down silos existing in the modern application development. With the improved compliance, DevOps management team could quickly discover and de-identify sensitive data across the enterprise.

The main idea of DevOps project management nowadays is ‘the earlier you introduce security into the process of development, the better it is for the enterprise’.

Steps taken by DevOps to increase security:

  • embrace next generation code analysis and automated security tools;
  • introduce security professionals into the work of DevOps department;
  • test the development and production environment continuously;
  • perform automated attacks against unsuccessful code pre-production.

Providing the agility together with DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery could lead to the implementation of Agile principles in digital transformation (architecture), cloud (infrastructure) and, eventually, HR. The mentioned above tendency is not a merely IT transformation. It is a business shift showing the companies a bigger picture. With the condensed release cycles, lower QA and development costs and yet being able to meet user’s ever-changing demands your business is bound to succeed.

If you’re interested in outsourcing DevOps services and would like to get more information on how we use Agile in software development or have any other questions regarding the post please contact us.

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