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About JiraGear

JiraGear is a mobile application that was created by our team in order to be aware of what is going on in JIRA.

Use JiraGear to:

  • View selected Activity Stream.
  • Configure notifications for new activities in selected Streams, while the app is in background mode.
  • View JIRA issue from selected Activity and work with it right from the application.
  • Mark Activity as read/unread.
  • Add unlimited numbers of Activity Streams from multiple JIRA instances.
  • Import saved Activity Streams.

JiraGear is simple and easy to use. Just add the project you want to follow in Activity Stream projects, workspaces (from Jira, Confluence and other products Atlassian) and receive notifications of activity! Instead of receiving hundreds of notifications on email, open and read each in order keep up with updates, with JiraGear you will immediately see the basic information about the change: who, did what, and when. There is no need to restart application each time: it works in the background mode and notification is displayed on the lock screen of your device, as well as in the iOS Notification Center.

JiraGear is easy to setup. You can do it in three different ways:

  1. Insert project key and login credentials on Stream setting page.
  2. Paste RSS feed link and login credentials on Stream setting page.
  3. Import json file from link.

Stop using paid software for managing your activities in JIRA. Use JiraGear app to manage and keep up with important tasks for you and your team. See activities that happen in your project, review issues, and check every piece of information you care about.

For more details visit our website or download app directly on the App Store.