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5 iOS Development Trends That Will Dominate in 2021

Mobile application development is a rapidly evolving and highly-competitive sphere. To stay on top of the market competition mobile software companies have to comply with ever-growing customer demands while creating user-friendly and efficient apps.

Since Apple devices continue to gain popularity, the development for iOS platform is in high demand. However, to stand out among market leaders app developers have to create highly-effective and scalable mobile apps wrapped up with an impressive number of functions. To do so it’s necessary to keep up with the latest trends in the sphere. Check out the 5 most important ones that will dominate in 2021.

1. Internet of ThingsMobile application development

IoT is an inevitable concept of modern life. It connects all the devices into one ecosystem making it possible to exchange information among them. Remote control of household appliances, easy access to house devices through mobile apps is available due to the innovations introduced by the Internet of Things.

According to Statista, in 2020 there were 11.7 billion devices connected to IoT. By 2025 this number is predicted to reach 30.9 billion. Such an impressive increase makes iOS app developers work more on applications that will be compatible with the new advanced technologies of IoT.

Besides the further development of smart home technologies, IoT will focus on healthtech and safety issues to improve virtual healthcare devices and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

2. Machine Learning & AI

The implementation of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps to create more customer-engaging, robust, and efficient apps.

iOS app developers are working with ML through the Core ML framework. This tool can be integrated into the app to initiate machine training and make further predictions in order to enhance the customer experience. Core ML can perform many tasks through a variety of algorithms, thus different businesses can choose what fits better to their demands. Some of the AI features used in mobile apps are: face and speech recognition, text or image classification, and many others.

AI implementation is an iOS trend that will continue to be relevant in the coming years since it plays a significant role in the user experience and makes app development more efficient and time-effective.

3. Wearable AppsiOS app developers

“Wearables” is one of the greatest buzzwords nowadays. Wearable apps are designed for such devices as smartwatches, fitness bands, trackers, and other gadgets that have become popular for their ability to show heartbeat, oxygen rate, blood pressure, or the number of steps done during the day.

However, modern wearable apps go much further. Apple Watch 5, for example, can make electrocardiograms or identify a panic condition by measuring the pulse. What is more, in 2019 Apple made an announcement about Apple Watch 6 integration with Apple App Store. Thus the number of iOS apps developed for the Apple smartwatch is going to increase offering users new features and abilities.

In addition to already common smartwatches and fitness bands, much attention is given to smart rings that have received some of the surprising features such as car locking or panic button.

Wearable applications are the trend in iOS development not only for daily use devices but also for more serious spheres such as healthcare, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic period. Wearable device producers working in cooperation with wearable app developers can open new potential of IoT and make our everyday life much easier.

4. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

AR and VR are one of the most impressive trends in iOS app development. They unite the real and digital world helping to perceive information in different ways. At first, people were captured by the entertaining features of AR and VR, for example by the popular app “Pokemon Go”. Now, these technologies are used for many other practical purposes such as information search, shopping, self-improvement, and others.

L’Oreal uses AR to increase sales by offering customers to try on different hairstyles with their app “Style My Hair”. Google has implemented Augmented Reality in its Google Maps using the “True View”. It allows to find out where exactly the person is by using the device camera pointed at the nearest buildings.

Specialists expect that in 2021 both AR and VR technologies will be integrated more into iOS mobile apps and will enhance customer engagement and user experience.

5. Mobile WalletsiOS app development

E-commerce plays a significant role in the modern economy. According to Statista, in 2021 user penetration in e-commerce will reach 50.8% and is supposed to grow to 63.1% by 2025. Moreover, experts believe that by 2022 sum of transactions via e-commerce will reach $13.98 billion doubling $6.1 billion in 2019.

Since people don’t opt for traditional payments and more often use their phones or even smartwatches for financial operations, iOS developers have been trying to make these processes more comfortable and secure. Apple Pay is one of the successful examples. It helps users manage their payments more efficiently and within a minimal time.

In 2021 mobile wallets should be given particular attention as there is still a big number of applications that don’t support mobile wallet features.


Mobile app development sphere is constantly innovating and it’s quite difficult to compete on the market. To gain customers’ attention it’s necessary to build user-friendly, fast performing, and robust mobile apps that will also comply with the latest trends. This doesn’t imply that it’s necessary to use all the trends in your applications, but it’s important to identify which can serve better for your particular purpose.

It’s worth mentioning that the trend that never loses its relevance is robust security. Any customer wants to be sure that all the operations executed through the mobile app are highly-protected and safe.

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