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Mobile Technologies

SCAND is a software development company that creates custom software solutions as well as develops products in many spheres, including mobile application development. Our company has been developing applications for different platforms since 2005.

13 Years of Mobile Experience
90+ Projects
20+ Developers
8+ Programming Languages

Native iOS App Development

SCAND has been developing iOS applications since the launch of App Store. Our iOS developers started from Objective-C and C++ and then continued programming in Swift to deliver perfectly crafted mobile apps that reflect our passion for quality products.

iOS Technology Stack
  • Objective-C, Swift, C/C++, XCode, AppCode, iOS SDK, CocoaPods, ARKit, Carthage, AFNetworking, Alamofire, PromiseKit, Moya, FMDB, SQLite, MagicalRecord,
  • Realm, CoreData, RxSwift, ReSwift, SwiftyJSON, JSONModel, ObjectMapper, AsyncDisplayKit/Texture, Crashlytics, Logsene

Our own products for iOS developers:


Native Android App Development

We use a wide range of resources to make sure that our apps for Android will work smoothly on every device that utilizes this popular os. Our engineers utilize Java, C++, and a full stack of related technologies to provide customers with reliable solutions.

Android Technology Stack
  • Java, Kotlin, C/C++, NDK, Android SDK, ADT, Eclipse, Android Studio, Gradle, Maven, Ant, Realm, SQLite, GreenDAO, ORMLite, ObjectBox,
  • Retrofit, Glide, Picasso, ButterKnife, RxAndroid, EventBus, Dagger, Stetho, LeakCanary, Espresso, Hugo, Crashlytics, Flurry, Logsene

Our own products for Android developers:

cross-platform and hybrid app

Cross-Platform and Hybrid Apps

We utilize Xamarin and PhoneGap as well as the React Native to create apps that feel, look, and function similarly on different mobile platforms. Also, SCAND offers a hybrid mobile apps development service to enhance a web-based services with the platform-specific features across different operating systems.

Cross-platform and Hybrid Technology Stack
  • C/C++, Qt, C#, JavaScript, Xamarin, .NET, QML, XAML, Visual Studio, Eclipse, PhoneGap, Cordova, HTML, HTML5, jQuery,
  • Sencha Touch, Ionic, ReactNative

Our own products for Cross-platform and Hybrid development:

other native platforms

Tizen and Other Native Platforms

SCAND team is used to working on the projects related to less common platforms. These include Windows Phone, Blackberry, Tizen and others. Perfect knowledge of various technologies helps us build reliable solutions for all platforms that customers require.

Tizen, UWP and Windows Mobile Development Technology Stack


UWP and Windows Mobile Development

Our Top Products for Mobile Developers

  • epuBear

    Lightweight easily customizable cross-platform EPUB SDK for EPUB reader development. This EPUB SDK is a C++ solution and we prepared native wrappers in Java (Android), Swift (iOS) and C# (Xamarin) for our EPUB toolkit to be compatible with your project. The code of the wrappers acts as proxy between the native code and the core.

  • Realm Browser for Android

    Realm Browser Library is a small, but very helpful library designed for viewing and editing Realm database files on Android devices. It allows developers that use Realm in their applications to view saved data and debug modules that are responsible for easier and faster work with DB.

  • SVG Kit for Android

    We created a library for Android that adds support for viewing/editing SVG files. It is a complex all-in-one solution that requires no extra tuning or installing other libraries. It’s lightweight and supports CSS and XLink.

  • TouchZ

    TouchZ soothes app-testers' black-letter days and at the same time helps developers to get better insight of what's the real nature of the bug the testers bump into.
    Some bugs are impossible to track: testers do catch them but lack understanding what caused the bug stepwise. Sometimes they are unable to take a screenshot of the malfunction found because the app quits unexpectedly. TouchZ is here to help testers and developers, being an integral thread between these two worlds.

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    Our development approaches help to add extra features when needed during the development process

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