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Scand Table Football Championship

We could have launched an advertising campaign with a motto like “Tired of on-line office games? Want to find a new and free yet not less effective office time killer? Have no desire to exhaust yourself in a fitness center? SCAND developers have discovered an amazing alternative –  off-line table football! Follow us!” – but we won’t do this, because we do not produce table soccer sets, we develop software.
Instead, we’ll provide a short report on table football championship being held at SCAND.

March 4, 2011 – the First Ever Scand Small Chinese Table Soccer Championship (SCTS) took place.
According to the standings, the tournament will include preliminary and play-off stages. Two matches will be held during every preliminary session day.
13 volunteers dared to go for gold and the champion status in this simple yet challenging game.

The first game started after the qualifying draw had been held – traditionally, a coin helped to define the initiator.

The premiere match itself witnessed a non-compromising struggle. The players tried hard to aim at the opposing team’s gate and even succeeded in scoring goals. The match was broken open 5 minutes into the game. Both players demonstrated their will-to-win spirit and skill. The match ended 2-1. Fans surrounding the competition field provided encouraging feedback and supported their favorites and promised to bring vuvuzelas to the following games to cheer them up.

Stay tuned! We’ll keep you informed on the First SCAND Small Chinese Table Soccer Championship!

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