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The new goes live!

Our latest version is launched after redesign and aimed to provide comprehensive information for the clients worldwide and current and prospective employees.

The full-featured site with enhanced usability and a totally new interface includes the more expanded services, expertise, and technologies sections so that you can easily access a full spectrum of opportunities provided by SCAND. You are welcome to find out more about our major areas of specialization, explore all shades of domain expertise, and navigate the technology stack available.

To let you stay tuned and be aware of our brand new projects, a more extensive portfolio is provided. Currently, you have an opportunity to examine our latest business solutions as well as find the one that fits your business needs applying an easy-to-use filter.

Keeping up with our capabilities, you also have a chance to meet our friendly team and put faces to the names. A full insight into SCAND and its people allows discovering the company’s history, geography, and DNA.

Interested in collaboration? The Engagement Models section now introduces detailed workflows and all possible ways of working on the projects as well as communication channels for you to either ask any questions or suggest improvements.

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