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Meeting Enterprise Mobile Application Development Demand

Our developers have been building desktop and web app enterprise solutions for the last 10 years and accumulated the needed experience how to make genially beneficial solutions which bring the competitive advantage to your business.
The urge in mobile enterprise solutions is critical nowadays as their deployment and management impacts productivity improves employees’ collaboration with each other and affects customers’ loyalty in the end. The surveys conducted by Adobe and Edelman Intelligence show that over 57% of employees of big corporations claim that mobile apps for collaboration and messages are critical to the company’s success. The need of quality enterprise mobile apps development is on rise than never as around of 70% of companies questioned claimed that their employees are equipped with 2 – 5 mobile enterprise apps in their daily routine of performing tasks, getting connected with each other and the customers.

The ways to facilitate enterprise mobile app development:

1. The usage of bimodal approach

This is strategically savvy to use the bimodal approach in modern mobile, desktop or web app IT development. This approach is based on the ability to combine two separate but coherent modes: stability and agility. Our mobile application developers depending on customer’s business needs or requirements could work in a traditional and sequential way, emphasizing accuracy and safety or in an exploratory and nonlinear way, emphasizing speed and agility.

2. The usage of RMAD (Rapid Mobile App Development) tools

Our mobile development team realizes how time shortage could be crucial in the process of enterprise mobile app development and has deep expertise in existing open source tools and platforms to facilitate the development process. Among the most actively RMAD tools are Backendless, mBaaS services, Sympli, Zeplin, Xamarin, Appcelerator, etc.
Mobile enterprise solutions developed by us are reliable, secure, innovative, have powerful and scalable server part. Moreover, they are extremely user-friendly and have intuitive UI.

Our expertise in building mobile enterprise apps

Using the two approaches explained above our mobile development team has realized one of our recent projects in the sphere of mobile enterprise solutions. It was the development of a reliable, effective and high-speed application for task management and time tracking.
We made the in-depth analysis and ran the survey of what are the features that will likely bring value and drive success to the business owner, our customer. Scand general expertise in enterprise apps development gave us insights on advising the customer to devise a strategy for employee satisfaction measurement and widespread adoption. Nevertheless, staying current with the changes that are capable of impacting the way employees use the app is worth paying attention to.
Having in mind the customer’s requirements and our own experience of building up similar mobile apps we implemented the following functions into the app developed:
processing and syncing of data received;
provision of data storage and security;
HTML and PDF format for reports generation;
push notifications and messaging facility;
embedded image editor;
embedded NFC tags, Barcodes and QR codes reading mechanisms;
GPS support;
UI modification and customization;
adaptable business logic and customizable workflow.
The app developed could be applied in more than one industry field due to its versatile nature and is extremely claimed in e-Commerce, Logistics, Cleaning services, etc.

As a result, we developed a highly customizable enterprise mobile application meeting all the needs of our B2B customer. And the usage of up-to-date and effective approaches made the development process fast and affordable for our customers.

We are happy to receive any feedback and ideas from you. Feel free to share by writing to us.

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