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MathML Kit for Maximum Quality Printing of Math Equations

Solutions for InDesign

Our continued engagement in developing the products for InDesign has stood the test of time. First, to enhance working with SVG files in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, SCAND created SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite. The solution allows forgetting about preliminary conversions of SVG into EPS, using the SVG image format natively, and facilitating automated printing process. Publishing companies now use SVG Kit in their business workflow to easily deal with vector graphics.

Then, aimed to provide the flawless painting of icons, diagrams, or charts in vector format, our mobile development team made a library supporting SVG Tiny specs — SVG Kit for Android. It renders scalable vector graphics totally avoiding low performance, excessive features, and maintenance complications.

MathML Kit for seamless MathML printing

When the issue with another file format occurred, we couldn’t stay away. This refers to MathML, or Mathematical Markup Language, for displaying mathematical formulas and symbols. Despite the format’s overall popularity, scholarly and education content publishers face some challenges when it comes to printing. The MathML format should be converted into the vector, EPS and PDF, or raster formats, which results in a poorer quality of images.

To ease working with the MathML file format and ensure high-quality printing of math equations, we have designed our own kit for Adobe Creative Suite using Adobe InDesign SDK, C++, and Java. Now, we are excited to introduce the solution for the MathML format support.

How MathML Kit works

Our MathML Kit will show you how to forget about the images that are no longer maintainable because of their conversion into the EPS or PDF format. No conversions are needed anymore — MathML Kit lets you place mathematical equations inside text boxes as inline graphics. Either manually or automatically, you are free to put any formula into the InDesign documents, omit formatting, and finally get top-quality paper copies of the docs.

MathML Kit for Adobe InDesign Server, Adobe InDesign, or Adobe InCopy will take care of math equations support, so that you can truly enjoy brochures, books, manuals, and textbooks publishing process.

Author Bio
Wiktor Kowalski Chief Architect and Head of System Solutions Department
Wiktor has 25 years of experience working in software development, 20 years of which he’s been working at SCAND. Wiktor is most interested in the intersection of code, development of FinTech, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.