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How to Hire Front-End Developers in Poland

The development of viable and effective applications is impossible without a well-built and catchy front-end layer. A properly created and innovative UI/UX design can help companies establish their own identities and emphasize the uniqueness of their products. As a result, they can easily attract their target audience, attain a stronger market position, and generate the highest revenues.

For building applications with a high-quality UI/UX design, businesses need front-end developers. Though, not every front-end developer can meet all the business requirements successfully. Their performance depends on many factors, including working experience, knowledge in their respective areas, and organization of a working process.

For many companies choosing the right front-end developer can be a challenging experience. In this article, we’ve gathered the most essential tips that will help you to hire highly-qualified front-end developers that would suit well your application development projects.

The Main Skills to Look for in a Front-End Developerfront-end developer skills

When hiring front-end developers you should clearly understand their responsibilities and be aware of the frameworks and tools they use in their work. Here is a list of their main duties and the tools they implement to create sound applications’ front-end layers.

  • Creation of an application layout

Application layout includes a proper display of application content to end-users with some styling elements. For this, front-end developers use two programming languages. HTML that tells a browser how to structure a web page and CSS for adding some style to the web-pages. HTML and CSS are the two basic languages front-end developers can’t work without.

  • Implementation of animations, user interactions, and other moving elements

HTML and CSS work great for static web-page elements. Though, to add a web page some movement, front-end developers should know how to code in JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that makes web pages more interactive and, therefore, more attractive for the end-users.

It includes moving menus, embedded video players, pop-ups, animations, interactive maps, and many others. This way, end-users visiting a web-site can manipulate some web page elements, send requests, and receive appropriate responses real quick.

  • Writing a front-end code

Front-end developers have to master their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills all the time. They should always try to make their codes as clean and lean as possible so that the codes could be reused for building other applications later or shared with other front-end developers. This practice significantly speeds up and alleviates the application building process.

  • Application optimization and scalability

For great application performance, front-end developers have to monitor how their codes and app systems function. For example, that application doesn’t crash or has no major errors, starts and works quickly, has optimal design, and many other properties.

Another important aspect is application scalability. It means that an app has the potential to grow and handle more operations without any delays. For this, front-end developers have to track their apps’ systems and use the right tools for their development.

  • Ability to work in a team

Front-end developers have to possess great communicative and collaborative skills. They should know how to work effectively with other members of their team as well as be able to explain to their customers their work and suggest the best features for the developed apps.

Best Practices for Front-End Developershire front-end developers

For building robust applications with great usability and good-looking design, front-end developers implement the best front-end development practices. While keeping application quality high they help to speed up and facilitate the front-end development process. Let’s have a look at them in more detail.

  • Use of frameworks

For quick and errorless application development, front-end developers use a set of frameworks. They provide developers with standard changeable code frames that they can modify and add the needed functionality. This way, front-end developers can build even the most complex and large applications using architectural modules in the short term.

The most widely-used frameworks include Backbone.js, jQuery, AngularJS, React.js, Vue.js, Bootstrap, and many others. For example, using Angular in their development allows front-end developers to significantly increase their productivity and create outstanding digital solutions with the latest features.

  • Use of AJAX

AJAX is a set of front-end development techniques that allows the client-side to send asynchronous