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UI/UX Design Trends in 2022

Every day millions of new apps appear in the market, making it harder for e-Businesses to grip and keep their customers’ attention. To add a more fascinating glimpse to their apps and turn them into really engaging marketing instruments, businesses have to continuously update them with the most prominent tech innovations. That’s why e-Businesses have to follow the latest UI/UX design trends and consider how to implement them the best way in their applications.

In this article, we’ll dive into the upcoming UI/UX design trends in mobile and web development that will be increasingly popular in 2022.

Mobile-First Approach

The number of mobile traffic is persistently growing year by year.  According to Statista, in the first quarter of 2021 half of global website traffic was generated with mobile devices (excluding tablets) reaching 54.8%. Internet users prefer to utilize their mobile devices for various activities online from watching videos to sending emails, doing e-Shopping, or using social media. All these motivate companies to consider the mobile-first approach when building custom digital solutions for their businesses.

The mobile-first approach flips the concept of traditional app development. It makes software developers and UI/UX designers start with the hardest part – creating UI and UX for the smallest screen first, putting away larger and easier to work with screens for later. This approach makes app developers focus more on app content and its usability. For example, they have to consider screen size, bandwidth, visual hierarchy, and other aspects to conveniently place app content around, creating an eye-catching and appealing solution for end-users.

Implementation of the mobile-first approach allows software developers to more simply translate all the app ideas and innovations to other devices. Building an app starting from the smallest screen moving to the biggest one fosters software developers and UI/UX designers to create content-centric and user-focused custom apps.

Personalized Experience

Personalization has always represented one of the main pillars of UI/UX design and in 2022 it’ll continue to be one of the most important aspects of web and mobile software development. Consumers expect that businesses of all sizes provide them with the same level of individual approach.

ui ux design trends

With the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Web Content Management (WCM) platforms, Global Positioning System (GPS), and other instruments, businesses can do much to personalize their custom digital products. For example, they can provide highly-relevant content to their customers, share appropriate recommendations, promote products with push notifications, implement location-based services, and much more.

One of the dominant issues for various businesses in 2022 will be the provision of similar user experiences across all the selling and communication channels with the same level of personalization. For this, businesses have to consider how to move from a multi-channel to omnichannel approach, creating a client-centric and seamless UX on their online platforms as well as in offline stores.

Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface (VUI) allows customers to interact with software programs using speech. Although the VUI is used in many apps and gadgets, it was the most widely adopted for creating virtual assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. In 2021, 50% of the US households had voice assistants and the figure is expected to reach 75% by 2025. Therefore, VUI is a familiar technology for many consumers, and it’s becoming more common when companies use it in their apps today.

VUIs help companies increase customer engagement, providing a hands-free interactive experience. For example, Snapchat has added a voice search for filters to apply them over images, Pandora offers its users voice mode to discover new music, and Kia experiments with voice assistants to provide a more pleasant driving experience.

More and more companies realize the capacity of using VUI for their apps. We expect that the implementation of VUI will be one of the prominent  UI/UX design trends in mobile app development in 2022.

Simple Navigation

Seamless and intuitive navigation is essential for any custom web and mobile app today.

ui ux design trends

Although mobile and web digital navigations differ much in their development, they still should follow some common concepts:

  • maintain customers’ momentum – help users to get to parts of a web or a mobile app as quickly as possible;
  • provide unified navigation – when navigation structure is logical and simple to follow;
  • follow navigational patterns – for a user, it’s important that a mobile or web app has familiar navigation found on other applications;
  • have minimalistic design – when an application stays functional while taking little space and offering fewer buttons;
  • be engaging – when each navigational link encourages app users to click it and discover more content.

Simple navigation is a common requirement for all types of software, however not all companies manage to maintain it at a high level in their apps. That’s why we expect that this trend will remain relevant in 2022.

Immersive 3D Visuals

3D visualization is actively winning its ground among the app technologies. More and more companies start using Virtual and Augmented Realities (VR/AR) to capture the attention of their customers.

The global VR/AR market is rapidly developing and is forecasted to reach $300 bln by 2024.

Walmart is testing its AR platform for quick product scanning to transport items from the backroom to the sales floor, ASOS offers its customers to “digitally fit” its closing onto models with the help of their AR app, Amazon has introduced its salon with new hairstyles customers can try on using the company’s AR app, and many others.

Many businesses are extensively using VR/AR to enhance the attractiveness of their brands. Nevertheless, 3D isn’t limited only to these digital technologies. For example, there are many businesses that make their web and mobile apps appealing with the help of 3D. They add 3D eye-catching elements to their apps’ UIs to introduce new products or just add a ‘wow effect’ to some components on the site, making it highly engaging.

We’re sure that 3D will become one of the hyped trends in 2022. Recently, companies gained access to 3D advertising on led screens. Many of them can be found in China, South Korea, the US, and Japan. One of the 3D screens appeared in front of the Piccadilly Lights in London in July 2021. 3D billboards are already quickly spreading across the globe, making 3D animation one of the main design tendencies of 2022.ui ux design trends


Microinteractions are small elements that make user interface designs vivid and fascinating. These small animated triggers can respond to users’ activities, enhancing their experience with the design. For example, popping emojis on Facebook when a user wants to react to the news or pull-to-refresh action when they pull the page to update its content.

When creating apps, UI/UX designers have to carefully consider each microinteraction element. Otherwise, they can ruin the app experience and users will abandon it, having no clear idea why they do so.

In 2022, microinteractions will remain relevant for web and mobile app UI/UX design. Designers will have to find ways to smartly implement these elements in the requested apps.


There are myriads of commercial apps and websites online, each striving to grab users’ attention and expand their followers’ base. In this highly competitive environment, companies have to consider how to update their digital products so that they spark interest and make their users interact with the app as long as possible.

One of the most effective ways to surprise and attract more customers is to continuously implement the latest UI/UX innovations in web and mobile apps. That’s why many companies search for teams who could effectively incorporate these innovations in their custom solutions.

If you’re looking for UI/UX design services, our team of professional software developers and UI/UX designers is ready to help you create intuitive UI for your web, desktop, or mobile apps as well as provide full-cycle development of your solutions.

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