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Grails Experience

SCAND possesses extensive knowledge and experience in web application development. We do our utmost to be aware of and use cutting edge and promising technologies, one of them being the Grails framework.

We implemented our first application using Grails 0.4.4 in 2007 for one of our customers. Ever since that time Grails has seen considerable improvement and reached version 1.3.5. During the same period, we have implemented several dozens of applications using this framework. Some of them are intended for our customers, other are used for our own needs. Some of the web applications we developed are enterprise level applications having complex structure and logic.

Grails is an Open Source framework and SCAND takes an active part in its elaboration and support. Our developers not only inform of the bugs found but also create and send patches to fix them. Apart from this, substantial contribution made by SCAND programmers to development and support of such Grails plug-ins as Grailsflow and Weceem is worth mentioning.

The experience we have accumulated enables us to develop web applications of almost any level of complexity (including embedding of complex customizable workflows, CMS, schedulers, etc.) and to do this much quicker as compared to the time spent while using other Java-based frameworks.

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