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SCAND team had to develop an advanced e-commerce customizable software to create and support e-commerce marketplaces.

  • Data is easily imported and exported.
  • Data is converted to any other format without the database access provided.
  • Possibility to define business rules to control the process of data transformation is added.


Information is easily imported and exported to/from your database or even converted to any other format without the access to the database provided. The workflow engine, which is additionally embedded provides a possibility to define business rules. The business logic sometimes could be rather complicated: control the process of data transformation or provide a full-fledged workflow definition corresponding to the real business workflow of a company.


E-commerce solution to support marketplaces.

The solution developed could be configured to work either in a single or multitenant mode. The multitenant mode makes this solution available for small companies because they could cooperate with others on the level of ordering its following redistribution.

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