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The customer wanted to have a pre-configured customizable e-commerce software solution with extra attention being paid to the accuracy of real-time data processing and payment operations.

  • Compatibility with multiple ERP systems.
  • Back-end data integration support.
  • Multi-channel B2B e-commerce platform with navigation and search.


The customer is a huge distributor of car spare parts that had an outdated existing omnichannel e-commerce solution for retail operations. That’s why, the requirement was to build a better, enhanced version. SCAND software engineers performed the analysis of modern claimed e-commerce platforms and decided to use Hybris.


Apart from traditional omnichannel solution functions, Hybris system provides the access to online and offline order history, the creation of trade accounts and individual price lists, data sheets download, the performance of single checkout processes, combining ‘click and collect’ with delivery options. The Hybris development operations ordered included the porting of the existing catalog, payment option integration, and customer design patterns integration.

SCAND team built Hybris Catalog and its classification structure. The types of objects with classified attributes were declared, their flexibility and fast search functionality was enhanced. The existing data was ported into Hybris ImpEx format while the product classifications were taken into account. CronJob was written for the scheduled price and the availability update. The flexible procedure for the product update information was built. The available formats for the data are CSV or XML files.

SCAND developers also improved Hybris ‘from-the-box’ solution search through the product catalog, cart formation, and order processing. All the implementations and additions were made based on the catalog structure and the marketing rules.

One of the customer’s requirements was to use the authentic design for the developed e-commerce solution. To make it happen SCAND engineers created an HTML prototype for the channel and integrated the required features with the help of Hybris software. Public Spring-based API was used to perform the modifications to the Hybris channel structure.

For the customer’s convenience, SCAND team performed crucial changes to the Hybris Product cockpit component. The customer wanted to see the products in a friendly format and enable the quick processing of business specific actions. The Hybris reporting system was also extended by adding custom CronJobs for the customer-specific financial reports. They are available in CSV or PDF formats.

Key Features

  • Desktop & mobile-friendly responsive design with a strong focus on users’ experience that provides better conversions.
  • Identification and implementation of Hybris e-commerce platform.
  • Easy customization and the development of custom modules.
  • Affordability to use third party plug-ins and ability to integrate other systems such as ERP or CRM to meet the business requirements and to enable robust operations.


Prominent B2B Hybris e-commerce solution for car spare parts distribution business.

SCAND software engineering team ported the goods catalog to Hybris System, organized the facilitated search and the shopping availability by the means of Hybris. The unique design was integrated and the Hybris executive elements according to the customer’s requirements were adopted.

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