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Software Development as a Service: Benefits and Use Cases

One of the widespread terms in IT is “SaaS” – “software as a service”, referring to a software delivery model. However, there is another term gaining popularity recently: “SDaaS” – “Software Development as a Service”– it stands for a software development model, highly beneficial for a company considering outsourcing a software development project.

SDaaS is an on-demand software development service aimed at ensuring that the software development process is handled the same way it would be with a team of in-house developers. This model allows companies to cut costs and risks associated with IT system maintenance and enhancement while still ensuring that their systems can respond to changing market requirements.

Why You Need SDaaS

According to a Coding Sans report, in 2021 hiring in-house employees is the biggest challenge. In 2020, capacity was the main concern among managers but it still accounts for a fair part of challenges. Since hiring and capacity are the main problems, outsourcing to a dedicated software development team appears to be a quick resolution, promising a high level of quality.sdaas technology


SDaaS is a good option when you have a number of projects to complete and scale but have just a brief idea of the scope or no requirements at all. If this is your case, a dedicated software development team will be a great choice. It will provide you with an efficient cost & time estimation and cooperation model that would help you successfully deliver your projects and support them while they grow.

Your Staff Lacks Necessary Skills

Perhaps your company is working on a new product that requires skills you don’t have in-house, or you need additional competent workers but don’t want to take time away from your existing core team. These are some of the most common scenarios in which companies may need to augment their team.

Hiring a dedicated development team gives you complete control over the developers, as they typically work full-time and exclusively for you. Having them focus solely on your project reduces team management issues and boosts productivity.

Hiring Seasoned Developers In-House In Your Area Would Blow Your Budget

When it comes to developing your product, you have high standards that require skilled software developers. But the developers of this level may be expensive in your area, with rates far exceeding what you’ve budgeted for. In that case, your best bet is to outsource your project to a vendor in a more cost-effective location. With the same budget you’ve allocated, you can hire top talent and get access to a pool of other project-specific resources.

What makes this option even more appealing is that it is not a temporary financial fix. If the outsourced software development team proves to be effective you can make a long-term arrangement with a specific monthly cost allocation that can be increased or decreased depending on the team’s needs during that time period.

You Need to Stay Flexible

Time is money, particularly when it comes to software development, therefore the last thing your company needs is a lengthy hiring procedure. If it appears that recruiting the right people will take longer than actually building the product, you’ve got a problem there.

Reliable software development outsourcing companies can quickly provide you with the specialists you need as they have an adequate pool of available resources.  A software vendor can ramp up a development team for you in a matter of weeks or even a few days,  and easily scale the team up or down to meet your needs.

You Have a High In-House Turnover

Many countries, such as the United States and Australia, are experiencing a shortage of tech talent. Given that the tech industry has the highest staff turnover rate, this isn’t surprising. This means that even if you succeed in attracting and hiring seasoned specialists, there’s a good chance they’ll leave within a year.

A dedicated development team is reliable and committed to the success of your project. With a dedicated team on board, you don’t need to worry about the attrition rate because that’s the concern of your vendor. While the departure of a team member will have an impact on your project, it will be minimal because your vendor will be prepared to replace that specialist with another talent.

Benefits of SDaaS

Imagine being able to scale your software development capacity up and down as needed, hire developers with any level of skill on demand, and pay a monthly price like for any other SaaS service.

Results-Based Pricing

In today’s world, an agile business model with transparency and scalability is a must. In-house software development teams face large expenses with no guarantee of efficiency.

There is no fixed fee with SDaaS; you just pay for the tasks you assign and the work that is delivered. SDaaS providers frequently use “Task List Methodology,” which allows them to provide accurate estimates for each project. In a fast-paced business environment, such improved pricing models lead to better planning and faster response times.

Shorter Hiring Process

The hiring procedure for any development company takes many corporate resources, including taking a long time and costing a lot of money.

The client monitors the progress of the development team and decides whether the number of specialists should be reduced or increased.

When a project requires more specialists, the client can hire new members, and the knowledge will be transferred to them. But you won’t need to engage HR specialists or recruiters to manage your dedicated team – the vendor will find the required talent on their own.

Complete Provision of Resources

You can also save money on other administrative costs, such as physical facilities, hardware and software. With a dedicated team, you get not only a skilled team but also all necessary software and hardware on the vendor’s side.

Quality Control

Unlike freelancers that don’t have a quality control team, software development vendors have dedicated quality assurance teams who assess the development results after each completed stage, run manual and automated development tests as well as conduct acceptance tests. And only then do they present it to you.

Reduced Time to Market

The IT industry is evolving fast and to get a competitive advantage, the time spent on software development should be minimized. Since the dedicated team is engaged with one project full-time, its progress is quite impressive and, as a result, your company has a better chance of succeeding in the market.

Start Using SDaaS

Hiring a dedicated software development team to manage and complete a software development project is the ideal option as it proved to be effective, time-saving, and flexible in terms of staff augmentation, allowing you to bring in more talent to build robust software for your company.

We at SCAND, provide a progressive approach to the software development process. Our approach includes taking the time to learn about your company’s goals and objectives.

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