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SkyHistory Wins FinancesOnline 2017 Great User Experience Award For Communications Software!

Sometimes to become successful means hard labor as it is given in the Latin proverb: ‘Per aspera ad astra’ or in other words, the way through difficulties to the stars. That’s basically the story of one of our products – SkyHistory.

For the first time it was released in 2011 as a Skype add-in and its operation as a Skype chat history manager was based on open API provided by Skype itself. Then Skype ceased the delivery of open API and our software engineers had to spend some time to create a robust fine working solution built around Skype.

In June 2016 SCAND relaunched SkyHistory with entirely new server architecture and code strings, nonetheless, performing the same functions as the ones released in 2011. Now, it is functioning as an independent product with its own API.

What particular brings joy to our hearts is the fact that our tool is appreciated by users as well as respected, and renowned review platforms. In a very positive review, the FinancesOnline granted our product their Great User Experience Award 2017 in the category VoIP software!

The award is valuable to us as it means the recognition of SkyHistory as a truly useful tool bringing benefit to your business working processes. Some quick facts about the product is that it was written entirely in C++, revealing our experts and developers as high class specialists capable of core programming realizing various valuable features.

SkyHistory allows bookmarking, filtering, search bar application, and many other enhancements that facilitate the management process of your Skype chat history.

The product is free to use, you could easily download it.

To get a full-featured version with the technical support and the license on you pay $18.98. The commercial version of SkyHistory provides you with additional functions:

– import of all-time Skype history;

– ability to put a bookmark on a chat line;

– ability to track/untrack some users’ chat history;

– search bar and filtering is on;

To get to know more about SkyHistory, please, go to Manual section and read about the product in detail.

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