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HR Software: How Can It Help Your Business

Human resource management software (HRMS) is a range of applications that help to automatize, optimize, and digitalize HR routine tasks. HR software solutions allow accelerating and improving management processes as well as introducing additional opportunities for your business. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the current HR trends and stats, the features HR software provides and see some of the human resources apps the market has to offer.

The Main Features of HR Software Solutions

Almost every company states that people are its most valuable resource. If so, managing the staff effectively should be one of the priority tasks. The larger is the team, the more challenging is its management. Likely, there are lots of software solutions helping with human resource management: from recruiting and on-boarding new employees to scheduling their working hours and tracking professional growth.

Let’s now have a look at the most useful features human resources software can provide.

Recruiting and hiring management

The HR management solutions aimed at recruiting allow automated posting of job opportunities across different platforms (corporate website, social networks, job boards), filtering candidates by chosen criteria, and even transferring the applicant’s data into employee files in case of hiring. One more useful tool is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that scans a resume and automatically decides whether it is somehow relevant to a particular position or not.

Payroll management

There is a number of HR payroll software solutions that offer automated payroll processing, tax calculations, keeping information about employees’ salaries and bonuses, ensuring that everyone is paid on time and in accordance with the set rates.

Centralized database

Some of the HR manager’s daily tasks are too time-consuming and mistakes-friendly if performed manually. The single database ensures the consistency of information across the whole enterprise as well as reduces paperwork and human errors.

Cloud and mobile access

If the HR management software is cloud-based, it provides access to the database from anywhere at any time, which is especially important for large and international companies. The availability of mobile functionality provides the managers’ with an opportunity to utilize the system via smartphones and other mobile devices.

Time and absence management

Among other functions, some of the HR apps allow simple tracking time spent on certain tasks and checking in/out. They also provide tools for managing PTO (paid time off), sick leaves, vacancies, and absence as well as for scheduling employees’ working hours across all the company’s departments and other time-related issues.

Data security

While storing personal information and other sensitive data, HR software comes together with robust tools for enhancing security. To ensure security inside the company, there are solutions allowing you to provide several types of access to different employees depending on their positions and job responsibilities.


One more useful opportunity HR management application can provide is getting real-time analytics based on all the available information. This helps to speed up decision making, see current effectiveness, find the best possible solutions and new ways to optimize business and management processes, make more accurate predictions, etc.

Professional growth and learning management

One of the HR department’s missions is to help talented and motivated employees to grow professionally, and there are software solutions assisting in this task. Such HR applications allow scheduling learning courses, posting reviews and KPIs, displaying the information about professional test results, achievements, certificates.

Employee self-service option

It is a good idea to allow employees to enter and change personal information about themselves as well as to make requests within the system (if there is a need for some equipment or a day-off). This helps not only to save the HR managers’ time but also to increase the level of employees’ involvement.

The Existing HR Software Systems

Let’s now see some of the popular human resource software solutions and the issues they address.

11 - bambooHR.jpgBambooHR

Bamboo is a user-friendly and simple to use application that covers recruitment and onboarding tasks, performance and time tracking, learning and benefits management. It is a great option for small and medium businesses with less than 1000 employees.

11 - OneRecruit.pngOneRecruit

OneRecruit is a recruitment-oriented system that allows managing interviews, ATS functionality, sharing resumes, rating and reviewing applicants. This app will suit for companies of any size. Just like many other services, it provides several types of licenses to choose depending on the company’s needs and budget.

Namel11 - namely.jpgy

Namely is a cloud-based HR software solution for midsize companies that helps to manage performance and handle payrolls. Its functionality covers custom reviews, storing info about skills and competencies, defining appreciation, requesting PTO, and other issues.

11 - zr.jpgZoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an effective tool for accelerating and simplifying the hiring process which mainly suits corporate HR managers. This HR app provides categorizing jobs, forming a database of candidates, direct links with LinkedIn and some job boards, keeping track of all resumes, notes, upcoming interviews, etc.

uploads - logo-linkedin.pngSCAND HRM

SCAND has also developed an HR management software solution. It covers recruitment and talent management, centralized and secure database, analytical tools, and other helpful functionality.


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