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How To Hire a Spring Boot Developer in Poland

There are many programming languages and frameworks that are suitable for building web applications. Though when it comes to developing web solutions with microservice architecture, many software developers opt for the Spring Boot framework based on Java.

Being an extension of the extremely popular Spring framework for Java, Spring Boot allows significantly speeding up the development process and building robust, flexible, and easy-to-scale microservice applications “that you can just run”. Spring Boot framework allows developers to build, debug, and roll out high-quality and performant web applications. With this framework they can create even the most complex enterprise-level solutions much faster and easier.

If you consider including Spring Boot in your project tech stack, the next issue you may face is where to find professional Spring Boot developers. One of the most popular IT outsourcing locations worldwide that can boast of its wide and highly-skilled IT talent pool is Poland. Many businesses turn to Poland as this country is famous for its IT outsourcing services.

In this article, we’ll explain how to find outstanding Spring Boot developers and hire them in Poland.

What a Spring Boot Developer Should Know

The first and most basic thing for a Spring Boot developer is the knowledge of Java programming language.

Apart from being proficient in Java, a Spring Boot developer should have knowledge in:

  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – a must-have computer programming model that helps organize data and code neatly.
  • Microservice architectural pattern – allows building flexible and highly-scalable applications of different complexity, including enterprise-level solutions.
  • Continuous Delivery – the software development approach that automates the application release process as well as allows building and testing them much more thoroughly and efficiently. A set of tools related to Continuous Delivery can include Docker, AKS, Kubernetes, and others.
  • Understanding various architecture design patterns such as MVC, Pipe-filter, Client-server, Layered architecture, and others – app architecture helps build well-structured solutions whose code is easy to understand and upgrade.
  • Working with databases such as Oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Rabbit MQ, and others – databases are a vital part of any application that allows accessing, managing, and storing app data.
  • Strong Agile development experience and alignment with Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) – these approaches help software developers organize their software development projects and effectively keep up with the timeline, quickly adapt to any product changes, and more.

Obviously, this list is not exhaustive, and Spring Boot developers should also need strong communication skills to effectively work in a team as well as keep their customer up to date with the latest project progress and changes.

Spring Boot Developer Hiring Process

To understand what knowledge and skills your Spring Boot developers should possess, the first thing you should do is to determine your future project functionality and design. For this you need to find out:

  • The main functions the app should perform;
  • The features you want to include in your application;
  • What other frameworks and programming languages you may need to build your solution;
  • Which platforms the app is supposed to run on;
  • What security measures software developers should implement in the app.

After determining the core product features and its development pattern, it’s time to search the market and find qualified specialists.

There are many ways how businesses can find Spring Boot developers for their projects. From hiring in-house to finding the companies to outsource their software development projects.

In case you hesitate between hiring in-house developers and outsourcing application development here are the main reasons for IT outsourcing:

  • Access to skilled talents not available in-house – 46%, saving costs – 36%, freeing up resources to focus more on core business processes – 35%, adding scale to a tech company – 33%, resource flexibility – 29%, ability to innovate – 10%. (Statista)
  • The global IT outsourcing industry grew by 13% in 2020/2021 due to the Covid shock and the industry is projected to surpass the revenue of $500 bln in 2025 whereas in 2020 it was a little more than $300 bln. (Statista)
  • Small businesses tend to outsource their business processes and IT services. In 2019, 52% of small companies planned to do so and 37%  of small companies did. (Clutch)
  • Outsourcing application development is a frequent option for financial services organizations – 72%, retail – 60%, manufacturing – 59%, tech services – 56%, government/non-profit – 47%, and healthcare – 31%.

Steps In Hiring Spring Boot Developers in Poland

Outsourcing software development is an attractive option for many businesses. Though turning outsourcing into a positive experience requires a bit more effort. That’s because there are so many outsourcing destinations around the world and many more companies providing their services. T