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Grails 2.3 – a New Base Development Version!

Scand has been using Grails since version 0.4.4 for dozens of applications. Until recently the mainstream development version was 2.1.x, though be frankly we used customized distributive that includes special fixes performed by our developers. Unfortunately, there was no possibility to use more recent versions 2.2.x without these improvements that the community was not ready to include to this version. Our Grails developers managed to fix numerous bugs in order to contribute results to the Grails community as a part of the new release. Corresponding fixes were included in Grails 2.3.
Currently we are going to finish the migration of some pilot projects to Grails 2.3 and afterwards to use Grails 2.3 as the base version for software development. Sure enough, Grails is one of the best development frameworks and we deeply enjoy the possibility to enhance Grails functionality and improve application stability by supporting the open source community.

Long live Grails and the new release of Grails 2.3!

Thanks once again to all contributors including SCAND development team! 🙂