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GR8Conf is GR8!

Our colleague Alexey Sergeev is back from the GR8Conf that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on May 17-19, 2011. The conference is an international event in the world of Groovy, Grails, Griffon and other GR8 technologies and attracts hundreds of software developers, architects, tech leads, start-uppers and other interested IT professionals annually.

For a company that has been intensively using the Groovy dynamic language and the Grails framework for several years (as we have), participating in the GR8conf was a good idea.

Workshops and hands-on training, round tables and discussing genuine case studies, socializing with industry peers, getting to know the latest technology updates and advancing to a higher professional level – all these opportunities were offered by the conference hosted by the IT University of Copenhagen.

The agenda enabled the participants to  learn directly from the experts in the field and technology creators and share their professional experience with the other attendees.

Among the speakers delivering their presentations during the 3 conference days there were such gurus as Gillaume Laforge, speaking about the new Groovy 1.8 features and making Groovy 1.9 forecasts, Dierk König, making a presentation on Grails UIs, Burt Beckwith giving a talk about Grails plug-ins and many other GR8 tech evangelists and experts. Every hour of the conference induced dozens of tweets written by the participants.

Participants at GR8Conf during a presentation

The impressions and knowledge obtained during the conference were summarized into a presentation and shared with other Scand developers and architects applying Groovy and Grails.

Speaker at GR8Conf discussing development topics

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