Skype-based Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) Solution

SkyRemote uses such Skype features as certification protocol, communication layer, strong encryption, users and connections management. This means that it is possible to share your own desktop through remote control with minimal efforts, great flexibility, and secure connection provided by Skype. SkyRemote comes with a custom Display Mirror VGA Compatible driver.


SkyRemote has its own installation and management components and uses Public API methods to establish connections with the Skype client and communicate with it. It provides the access to Skype contact information and application-to-application commands. This is why Skype will ask you to allow the access to Skype Resources for SkyRemote. The solution we created uses Skype API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Skype.

  • Automatic Skype detection.
  • Multiple Skype instances support.
  • Skype 3.x and Skype 4.x support.
  • Automatic detection of friends who have installed SkyRemote.
  • Flexible requests to share local desktop or view remote desktop using Skype.
  • Sharing Skype remote desktop control with several friends simultaneously (conference).
  • Viewing several Skype remote desktops at once.
  • Tray notifications.
  • Skype avatars support.
  • Fine-grained session quality configuration, such as color depth and JPEG compression.
  • Configurable session recording to AVI files.
  • Remote clipboard access.
  • Desktop remote control using Skype.


Skype Desktop API implemented a transport layer with ready-to-use encryption and secure functionalities, so we came up with the idea to create a remote desktop application secured by Skype. SkyRemote application provides data exchange for Skype users without any dedicated server part.



In order to optimize the performance of the remote screen update, the application was written in C ++. It implemented Monitor Filter Driver (based on Microsoft Driver Development Kit) and was developed with the help of Cross-Certificates for Kernel Mode Code Signing.
Since Skype transport channel is bandlimited, we implemented special algorithms that were aimed to find updated areas of the screen on the remote machine and reduce the traffic data.
SkyRemote sends a custom request to all Skype contacts on client machines and detects whether the contact has SkyRemote installed. Then the product we developed adds the contact to SkyRemote Contact list and is ready to be used.


SkyRemote provides Skype remote desktop control

Eventually, it became possible for SCAND C++ developers to create a solid solution for Skype users with the remote access through Skype provided. SkyRemote scans the availability of other Skype users to get connected and provide the secure encrypted way to share the information and the Desktop performance with other Skype users.

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