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To make a secure group chat stand out in a variety of messengers, the customer defined its anonymity as the major requirement. SCAND mobile development team built an online secure chat app to let the students within a campus discuss any private topic remaining unnamed.


To develop the most secure chat app and guarantee users their anonymity, our team used P2P encryption, dedicated server, and secure data transfer. No info will be supposed to leave campus borders as soon as students log in to the Secure Chat. A user leaves his/her .edu email address to get further steps of the registration process. Such registration procedure prevents a chat room from the representatives of other educational institutions.

Key Features

Our secure anonymous chat for students permits:

  • Exchanging messages, getting ‘likes’, speaking up, and communicating in real time
  • Staying completely anonymous
  • Following post ratings
  • Keeping informed about the most and least popular posts
  • Creating chat rooms to discuss specific topics
  • Getting push notifications when a new post is published




Our secure mobile messaging app is not only a simple way of sharing thoughts and ideas or selecting the top posts, but it also gives students the freedom to raise tricky questions or discover each other’s hot buttons. Secure Chat doesn’t unveil the author, that’s why it’s easy to speak without disguise.

The SCAND mobile team can assist in chat app development and create a secure messaging app for iOS and Android to hold the names of chat members in confidence.

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