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A while ago, we introduced Smart Feed Reader, a full-featured RSS, RDF, and Atom reader, to automatically manage news feeds and organize feed groups by selected criteria. A new solution our mobile app development team has created stays one step ahead of Smart Feed Reader, as it is also capable of recommending relevant reading and brings an element of socialization through news sharing.

News Reader was initially built as an HTML5 app with Ionic2, and our customer requested its mobile realization with a couple of extra functions and ability to transfer data to the Ionic2 app.


Our mobile app development team built a wrapper based on WebView which is responsible for displaying the Ionic2 application and extending its logic and functional capabilities.

For data caching, we used serialization. To ensure communication between the wrapper and Ionic2 application, our team wrote a JS code with Promises.

Key Features

News Reader shapes users’ content collection and assists in managing news feeds. The following capabilities are available:

  • First, a user adds feeds of interest and makes catalogs. Let’s say, he/she can create Sport, Fashion, Politics, or Movies folders where corresponding news feeds are collected. Then, News Reader analyses the user’s activity, chooses relevant topics, and suggests the best news feeds available. It’s up to users to decide whether to get absorbed in recommended reading or postpone it.
  • The app checks selected feeds and quickly informs its users about the updates.
  • Making groups united by common interests. Users can add their friends, colleagues, relatives, or acquaintances there and share buzzworthy content.
  • Star rating of stories. While reading an article, users put ‘likes’ or ‘dislikes’ thus expressing their feelings. Members of the group become aware of your viewpoint; besides, votes influence the app’s recommendation as they all are analyzed on the server.
  • During registration, users are asked to provide quite a lot of information, including origin, age, gender, occupation, marital status, etc. That helps to accumulate people’s views on a range of topics and see content preferences in relation to age or social group. Extensive selections are valuable to news portals to correctly define content priorities.




News Reader is in charge of filtering content and careful selection of news feeds to provide its users with.
The News Reader mobile app lets its users not only get the most relevant and up-to-date news but also impact the rating of articles and involve like-minded people in reading.

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