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There is no longer an issue for companies which are involved in buying up gold to capture its best price. SCAND has managed to provide a mobile solution—gold price app for Android and iOS— for watching the price behavior of gold over a particular period of time.


The Gold Watch app uses API to connect to various sources, requests relevant information for download, and makes up visual reports. If there is no need in the diagrams showing price fluctuations, a user can simply look at the current gold price.

Accumulating data from the gold rate market on mobile, the SCAND mobile development team has aimed to avoid information abundance and focused on ultimate simplicity. For this reason, an app’s user can get the info in two clicks. The only thing he/she should do is to launch an app and fix the time frames if needed.

Key Features

The Gold Watch app’s two screens act as follows:

  • The first screen allows choosing a time slot for monitoring the price shifts.
  • The second one presents all the price movements. The data collected from different sources highlights the gold spot price and gold price history, e.g., the price of gold over the past month.

To display the results, Gold Watch provides users of the app with clearly arranged graphs.




Gold Watch suggests extensive data about the gold price to point to favorable buying and selling conditions in time.

The SCAND mobile team has worked on the app’s UX carefully so that Gold Watch gives only relevant information and is plain and simple for its users.

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