Wingle - flexible work management software for your business

A flexible, lightweight, smart GPS-supportive Wingle is aimed at increasing the productivity of your business by speeding up and facilitating the performance of service operations, as well as saving your time spent on organizing and preparing tasks for service workers. The product offers a wide range of effective solutions, allowing to choose and combine exactly those functions that are required by your particular business for your particular purpose. Thus, Wingle can be seen as a task, field service or work order management software and GTD service — all in one.

Key Functions

Wingle allows:

  • Creating productive schedule
  • Managing contacts
  • Communicating through messaging
  • Using the service both online and offline
  • Managing orders
  • Creating and editing routes
  • Tracking service workers through GPS
  • Managing quotes
  • Tracking document flow
  • Automated reporting



The main purpose of the product is to provide effective communication between service workers and managers. Wingle allows setting various tasks, producing automated reports, managing orders, quotes & contacts, creating e-signed invoices, adding documents in any format — it includes everything you would expect from a work management software tailored to individual needs of your business.
Depending on a client’s mission, the product can be used as a task management software with time tracking, providing the ability to monitor the workflow of service workers. In terms of navigation, Wingle allows creating and editing routes online, so with the help of GPS, workers can always adapt to the changing environment by choosing optimal tracks.
Highly adaptable nature turns Wingle into a powerful tool for contributing to any business-mission. Our work management software solution is both lightweight and extendable. So whether you need a team task management system to ensure the success of your project, a powerful business management application for a huge enterprise or some small-business task management app — flexible and adaptable Wingle can become your solution.

Main Features

Dynamic Forms Creator
Wingle allows creating distinctive forms for different activities and applying any business-logic required.

Order Management
Helps to organize tasks and track the workflow, enhancing the efficiency of your business and freeing your time.

Quote Management
Helps to achieve maximum performance by providing information about all the costs associated with the work that has to be done.

Contact Management
Stores each interaction with a contact, allowing to consider all the details of conversations that occurred many months prior.

Automated Reporting
Saves time needed for filling out reports, allows tracking team performance and identifying the biggest bottlenecks in your business.

Other Features

  • Flexible Functionality – Allows creating your very own work management software

  • GPS Support – Provides effective navigation


  • Instant Messaging – Provides effective communication

  • Knowledgebase – Stores all the necessary for your business information

  • Help Desk Notification System – Informs about the work status

  • Web-Based and Mobile Accessibility – Ensures easy access to your Wingle


  • Time Management – Helps to organize the workflow properly

  • Data Sync – Ensures availability of the important data


Versions Available


Provides the ability to try out the main functionality of the web product and the mobile app by setting up and managing sample tasks and documents. Submit a request to get access to the Wingle demo version.


Allows building up your very own Wingle adapted to your individual business goals by adding any functionality or logic required. Submit a request form and we will contact you to discuss and clarify all the details concerning price, purpose, and functionality of your task manager.



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