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SCAND team has developed an out-of-the-box library that creates a page curl effect for Xamarin apps. This solution provides an important element of UI/UX that is, in many cases, expected in modern apps. It is easy to implement with no extra work needed on the side of development. While there are many solutions that create page curl effect for AndroidiOS and other platforms, CurlEffect is the first of its kind that works on all platforms by utilizing Xamarin. Graphics are rendered using OpenGL, which makes page-flipping smooth, and tearless.


Key Features

CurlEffect is a Xamarin library that enables developers to create slick page-turning effects. Graphics are smooth and the library itself is easy to use in any app.

  • Out-of-the-box solution with no extra development
  • Easy to implement into e-book readers
  • Lightweight and works across mobile platforms


Simulator Screen Shot 1
Simulator Screen Shot 2
Simulator Screen Shot 4
Simulator Screen Shot 6
Simulator Screen Shot 7
Simulator Screen Shot 8
Simulator Screen Shot 9
Simulator Screen Shot 5
Simulator Screen Shot 3

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